204 - Cresta Run Push

Sat 23 Jul 2005

Relatively short + easy trip as we wanted to go down the hill and had run out of cave food. Went down to Cresta Run (some fun passages) to the chamber [Toothless] at the end containing a wet lead up a dodgy climb and a continuation leading to a pitch.

Decided not to do either of those & instead aimed for climb back up to solution level we had just come down from. Wook shinned up, doing some gardening en route. Good thread near lip made it reasonably non-scary despite high level of chossiness. Passage went, so we spent the next couple of hours surveying it. Nice passage, depite not being huge. Lots of small leads. Still going at the end and quite chilly, so must have a draught.

Gardened choss above Rhino Rift pitch en-route when Wook tried to shift loose rock & whole pile became unstable, rolling a rock onto Nial whilst he was tring to have a piss. Some very big rocks shoved down pitch.

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    204 - Cresta Run Push
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