Journey to Austria - Drive out

Sat 16 Jul 2005

Tony collected Wook from house then headed to the T-store where we found Nial & a huge pile of gear. It was clear that it wouldn't all fit, but we got most of it in, just leaving the expo computer monitor and printer plus some of the first aid stuff behind for the people coming out after week 1.

Ferry was a couple of hours late and for some strange reason we couldn't wait in the port so were given an exit passs and sent out to wait in Dover for an hour. So had some chips.

Uneventful drive over apart from when smoke started coming from the dashboard. Fiddled for a bit but couldn't get dash apart so turned everything off and continued. (Turned out to be fan relay crimp.) No rain all the way. Arrived at about 3pm Sunday 17th.

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    Journey to Austria - Drive out