204 - More Gaffered rigging

Fri 22 Jul 2005

Back to Gaffered to carry on rigging down. Rigging the steep "traverse" up to Cerberus is a right pain. (Bring a skyhook.) It would be best to leave this rigged in future. Got to the bottom of Cerberus to find that the "50m" we were going to cut off the bottom of the 200m rope to rig Gardeners World with was only 12m long, so our plans were a bit buggered. Also we had forgotten the Sirens traverse rope so used a little 7m bit we had. Trundled through the Underworld soily bits and rigged Gardeners World traverse with the 12m bit. Added one extra bolt before the end and then tried rigging down with 33m. It wasn't long enough to get to the bottom. So Wook put in a bolt on the LH wall to try and improvise the rigging. Then we pissed off out from -250m. Out at 9.15.

T/U: 7.5h

Shortage of cave food (flapjack and choccy) staved off by Wook's sausage and sweetie pot.

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