204 - Gaffered - Rigging

Thu 21 Jul 2005

Mark & Nial had rigged the entrance whilst we fettled tags and generally sorted the bivi somewhat. Finally got underground at 2.50pm weighed down with 300m of rope. Overheated getting to the top of Gaffered, with Earl giving Wook the [illegible] tour on his first 204 trip.

Wook rigged down with 100m rope; Earl added rebelay 40m up that he missed. Did some gardening at the top of Tape Worm then rigged on down. Faffed somewhat rigging traverse up to LX Tape. Got as far as the top of Trihang. Wook too much of a wuss to reach Earl's spits, so rigged off a different one. Good trip. Long way back up Gaffered. Out 10.15.

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    204 - Gaffered - Rigging