204 - Gaffered - Earthenware + Heavily Soiled

Thu 28 Jul 2005

Earl rigged the slot in Earthenware we step over (04-26B) whilst Wookey + I surveyed 04-25B for 30m or so (Software) until got to a a very draughty pitch. (04-27A and 04-24A don't exist). [The survey sketch from this trip suggests that such passages did exist but they connected to Software.] We ticked of 04-33A (soon choked) and 04-38B (ditto) + double-checked the pitch at the end of Hardware (04-40B, probably downgradable to a C, as is 04-39 B) [Footnote: Horrible loose pitch head but strong draught. We checked + this didn't connect to the stuff [Software] we surveyed down 04-35A on 26/5/05.]

Back to Earl and Wookey: went 25m down his pitch (Firmware) to end of a rope + a ledge. Dropping rocks revealed a further 20m pitch + then further rattles - rather damp. Then onto Heavily Soiled + Soiled Passage to end. Surveyed the chamber [Night Soil] just with an 8m handline around the spike and then Earl put a spit in to descend 04-55 to a fine large, ascending passage with a strong draft - QM A++. Out, leaving three strongly draughting leads (Software, Hippocratic Oath and end of Hardware).

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    2005#10 QM 04-38B, QM 04-43A, nightsoil, software ['notes4', 'notes2', 'notes1', 'notes3', 'plan']
    2005#14 ['notes2', 'notes1']
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    204 - Gaffered - Earthenware + Heavily Soiled
    Loser Plateau - Surface work