204 - Steinbrückenhöhle

Wed 04 Aug 1999
Duncan Collis

Went to descend 3m diameter shaft near entrance. Animal rig consisting of thread, boulder & 'tector got us down ~18m pitch into 6-9m wide phreas with ice formations. This led to a spacious but loose pitch, and a phreatic maze. While scrotting around the maze, found an aven with a loop of rope visible up in the air - the pitch the others were planning on descending. Decided to leave a Tunnocks bar so they'd know we'd beaten them to it. Then decided to eat the bar and leave the wrapper.

Then we went to descend the loose pitch. Several possible pitch heads were inspected, until we decided on a reasonable one. Thread & single spit led down a short pitch to a bridge of wedged rocks, from which we were able to descend a further 15m in a large shaft. At the bottom were two ways on, both short pitches.

Started to survey out. Met the others, agreed to complete survey, then meet up again to decide which other bits each team should survey. However, on our way to find the others we inadvertantly found '115 a day passage', 115m of very dusty phreas heading up dip. This eventually splits and becomes narrow (grade 'c' qms), but there is a pitch at the end (grade 'a' qm)

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