161 - Interview Blues

Wed 17 Jul 1996
Nick Proctor

Took Paul on his first trip down a typical KH scrotty rift pitch series. Started surveying from where Anthony, Brian & myself had got bored/cold last time, at the top of the 4th pitch "Outright Rejection". Crawled around "State of Independence?" at the bottom and then pushed one of the two holes found previously. Brian had chucked rocks down this & Anthony had sagely pronounced it to be a 25m pitch. Three bolts and two 28m ropes later I was 40m lower and still 5m off the floor with no rope left. Sigh! So we turned round and prussiked out. Dumped string gear, admired the howling gale coming across the top of the 1st pitch (when Interview Blues has finished I'll... !) and then pottered out. Thanks to whoever finished putting the string out. Tedious job isn't it?

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