travel - Drive across Europe (not via Frankfurt)

Fri 05 Jul 1996
Duncan Collis

Quite a straightforward journey really, except for there seems to have been some sort of communication fuck-up concerning the route.

Jen (Paul's woman, not a caver) thought we had agreed to do an overnight stop at her mate's house near Frankfurt. Me & Paul thought we had decided to slog straight to expo.

We had got as far as Luxembourg (after a slight lostness-fuck up in Lille), it was ~5:30am, before we discovered our differing plans. After a rather circular discussion of the matter, we came direct to expo, but had to stop a few times to try and phone Frankfurt to say we weren't coming.

Front left-hand indicator stopped working near Stuttgart. Paul had got a spare bulb so we thought we might as well stop and do the trivial fettle.

Of course, to get to the screws holding the indicator unit in place, you have to remove the headlights. In turn, to get to the clips holding the headlight in place, you have to remove the radiator grille...

Things weren't helped by someone having done a bodge at some stage with one of the retaining clips for the headlight making the *#�!!ng thing damn near impossible to put back in place.

Eventually fettled it all. Checked everything was working and set off. About an hour later, the front left-hand indicator stopped working. Bugger that then...

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