pleau - Prospecting

Mon 15 Jul 1996
Nick Proctor

Pottered to 161d so Tina could dump her gear and to admire (?) the expanses of naked flesh getting changed at the entrance. Then pottered back, having a look in various holes and chopping some more bunde.

Found Ski-Pole Höhle (see survey book) but nothing much more. Holes that have been looked at and don't go but aren't worthy of a number have been marked with a X of stones, at the entrance or in an obvious place.

On your way back from 161d: just after the 10m stretch of 'gardened bunde' there is a cliff face. 3m up this is a hole which chokes rapidly.

: just before the narrow gorge is a rift running along 031/211 - this has many holes - mostly too tight or choked, and includes Ski Pole Hohle at its top end (this has been marked and given no 96/01)

: before the 1st climb/traverse is a large depression on R of path. This has 2 large boulders + snow plug. Under the boulders is ~10m crawl on bearing 242. This draughts but gets too tight. The rift/fault leading off from this point on both sides of the path (242deg & 50deg) was investigated. Lots of holes - mostly too tight or choked or snowplugged.

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