161 - Interview Blues

Thu 18 Jul 1996
Nick Proctor

2/3 of team Silly Bastards returned, and this time with a longer rope. Bottomed the pitch and found my 'piece de resistance' - scrotty, narrow rift (of course) but covered in gloop - gloop on the floor, on the boulder, gloop running down the walls. Luvverly. So we thrutched through 30m of this before we found the next pitch - another narrow rift pitch (has anyone spotted the common theme yet?) Started bolting a Y-hang, then remembered that the hangars were at the top of the last pitch. Instead of calling me all the names under the sun, Brian cheerfully went back for them (all 5 of them!) whilst I finished putting the spits in. Brian returned, and I promptly threw a hangar down the pitch, before rigging it and descending the standard 3m before deciding that a rebelay was necessary. Surprisingly, this gave a ~12m hang to the floor, where we could walk 2m to the next pitch head. Started putting a spit in the wall, which promptly shattered, so we put one in the floor instead. We had now run out of hangars and warmth so prussiked out. Decided to rerig the 1st pitch (Gizza Job), so Brian put a spit in whilst hanging in mid air, thus eliminating a scrofulous get-off and the need for 3 rope tectors. (My excuse is that the pitch head is wider than 1m, therefore I just can't cope with it)

Nick The Rift God

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