Fri 19 Jul 1996
Duncan Collis

BECKA - logbook said "(actually 19th, Ed.)" so have changed date from 20/7 to 19/7

This time I managed not to break the hammer. Bashed in spits for Y-hang. Got rope to hang free for as far as we could see. Got Paul to heroically volunteer to test my bolting & rigging by making the second ever descent of this pitch (see write up of 18/7 for QM 95-34), which turns out to be jolly big (~45m). Found hammer head at foot of rope. Paul scrotted up a rift to the left for not very far before it became impossible. I weasled through a hole in a mud-bank into a rift to the right, which didn't go either. Couldn't reverse-slither up mud in rift to get out through hole, so I had to dig a slot I could thrutch out through.

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