142 - Wooks goes to Stellerweg

Wed 17 Jul 1996

Arge Grabstatten are doing Schwabenschacht, and connected it to some bit of Stellerweg during their previous jolly in April. So I thought I'd have a look & see what it was like, not having been in Schwab or '132' the cave it came out at. A look at the web pages showed that '132' was almost certainly 142 so I printed out some description so we knew where to go.

Staggered up with all my gear after the krauts. Changed under handy tarpaulin, avoiding rain - we should have one of these!

Went down entrance shaft (after remembering how to put on SRT gear - 1st use since last expo.) Then immediately off main route for only about 200m to top of genuine p100, then on to survey small passageway for about 100m. The cairn at the end was assumed to be 1983 vintage, placed by CUCC. Surveying auf Deutsch was fun!

Went out in 142, pausing to go down into the 'Big Chamber.' Ace 30m pitch into huge space. Then miles of squiggly passage led out through 142. Changed numbers at entrance to 142.

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