161 - More rigging in France

Tue 18 Jul 1995
Kate Janossy

Actually managed to rig into Algeria ! Steve + Julian (well Steve mostly) hung for ages on rope in wetness putting in bolts down to the ledge in Sultans of Swing. I started putting in bolts to go down a hole in Algeria then Dave + Dave arrived so I cunningly taught them to put in bolts (with my vast experience) + we rigged short pitch into a chamber with a big wet pitch + a small rifty thing (which probably floods lots) with a pitch at the end. I started thinking about rigging this while Dave + Dave went out but Julian thought it was too scary so I didn't bother. Might rig possible alternative way into the bottom of the same rift soon. Maybe.
P.S. Dave t'other got strung up again on the way in.

Steve rigged to first ledge of Sultans and then dropped bolt driver onto the ledge. Having retrieved this he then didn't feel like prussiking back up to finish putting in the spit, so I put in two in the wetness. It was crap. After hammering in the second, I was still cold and so was Steve. So we jacked !

Julian H

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