161 - DOL (Yet Again)

Thu 20 Jul 1995
Nick Proctor

In a pre-dinner burst of enthusiasm, we got up at 5.00 am to go caving. We were underground at 8.30 (it would have been 8.00 if Paul hadn't deliberately strung himself up on the entrance pitch forcing me to take the tackle bastard off him). Pottered down to Stomping & the hole leading into the chamber off Gnasher. Did some gardening & produced a fine free hang (25-30m ?) Then bolted the small pitch below and thrutched into the rift. Another pitch, with jammed boulders in the rift. Having started to rig off these, one of them moved. Gibber. Rapid change of plan. Lets put a bolt in the wall then. This done, a 10m pitch was descended, with yet another one leading from it. DOL lives on. We shall return. Paul 7

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    161 - DOL (Yet Again)
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