161 - DOL (Again)

Mon 17 Jul 1995
Nick Proctor

This time DOL would be finished, surveyed and derigged, no messing, no problems. Plan was to survey Splattery and Limo's Revenge, (James' tight passage off Stomping), push and survey the last hole in the south of DOL and be out before bedtime. I whizzed down and decided to look down Mike's hole, Gnasher, we he had declared "unlikely to go anywhere". Needless to say it did, after some appalling rigging, into the rift with at least 2 more pitches. DOL refuses to die. Then we went to Splattery, after Dave had finally arrived, swearing blind he had got into DOL without doing the climb up (?!). Some faff, and Splattery was finished. Quick look at the hole in the S of DOL confirmed it needed a bolt or 12 rope-tectors. Off to Limo's Revenge. Devotion to duty or sheer stupidity - lets survey a grim, scrotty tight & twisty rift passage which goes nowhere !? This we did. Scout provided a lengthy diversion by getting stuck for 20 minutes. Eventually freed, James & I finished surveying and we left, to the sound of DOL laughing.

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