161 - Rigging to Gob

Tue 18 Jul 1995
Nick Proctor

Mike had arrived the night before and was prepared to guide me down to the end of YAPATE, where hopefully I would recognise the scene of my joyous experience of 2 years ago. Surprisingly enough, this was exactly what we did. After some faff leaving the bolts at Over the Rainbow, and finding that some of the boulder slope down to Knossos had disappeared, we arrived at the top of Gob on You, with attendant shit spit. Here Mike generously let me go first. Faffed for ages trying to work out how Adam had rigged Wish You Were Here - In the end Mike put in a bolt, and I went down. Then through the slot at the top of Final Cut. Here Mike took Old Man's Perogative and went back up to put another bolt in. James was stupid enough to follow me. Found the pushing front, which looks quite promising. Then we buggered off out, with dying lights & flooded leaking carbides. Two hours from bottom of Knossos. We're not hard. (Just wanted to get back to Base Camp)

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    161 - Rigging to Gob
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