161 - Rigging (?) France

Mon 17 Jul 1995
Paul Bilton

Having eventually found France, Julian was keen to rig it + take half of expo down it. The aim was that Julian + Steve would rig to Sultans of Swing + then do some pushing. Kate + myself would explore holes in the floor of Algeria whilst Dave would attach himself to whichever parts he felt like. After much surface faffing in which 4 tackle sacks of rope were packed it was down into France. Carbide failure, Dave getting caught on a tight hanging rebelay, Julian leaving hangers at the bottom of Roll of the Dice whilst trying to rig Toothless made this into a fairly crap trip. As we'd chosen an early call out time, Dave, Kate + myself came out with Steve + Julian trying to go to Algeria. Rope didn't reach ! The only good things about this trip was that Julian found several leads* near the surface + it was still daylight when we got out. Steve, Julian 7 hrs (?)

* Part way down "toothless" there is a hole in the wall leading to two pitches. One of these has a 5 second (1 bounce) drop !! Both are undescended (currently) and are definitely worth pushing. _Julian_

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