161 - Uncle Tom Cobbly & all go derigging

Tue 07 Aug 1990

All change in rain - Jez & Julian & Wadders down squeeze, Paul, Juliette & Pete down dreamtime. Wookey follows to squeeze doing radio tests with Julian - dist from cable is critical - unreliable more than a couple of metres (over 200m of cable).

Comms from: basement to head of 4th (can get 2m away towards Adrians Route - constriction seems to block signal)
Big Sainsbury's to Squeeze (up to 4-5m away)
Chunnel Pitch to OTR (anywhere in passage)
Comms seem to be better at top end (can move farther away than at bottom end)

Without cable:- from top of 3rd to 1st D.time pitch.

Jez & deserted with a T.sack each & left Paul & Ju to derig d.time - Wookey did chunnel pitch, squeeze, 3rd & 4th, becoming utterly festooned as zero T.Sacks present. P & J had similar probs & requested help via radio. Julian came amidst incredible abuse :- the airwaves positively crackled !

All staggered out under mounds of gear & went home. Pete & Wook 4.5 hrs

Longer and more colourful write up of this trip

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