161 - Flat Battery

Mon 30 Jul 1990

Set off to photo Flat Battery, push the 'leads' & prob de-rig when they didn't go.

MarkD only made it to 3rd pitch traverse after making a hole in himself with a lump hammer trying to break carbide. His hangover was just too mega so he went back via adrians & 'discovered' (ie dug) 161C

We declined to take camera gear & boogied on down - did grade 1 survey of stuff off OTR then Del found rift climb at top of bungalow while me & Juliette surveyed between bolts - leads into high phreatic tube which comes out above top of boulder alley. Also looked at climb up BA. - looks feasible.

Finally got on down to T.Block & had a brew & noodles before going down FB. Zoomed down lots of pitches to poke squalid holes at bottom. Connected a couple of Question Marks & pushed 'phreatic Maze' through awful duck to hard c3 climb.

Decided to forget it & de-rigged - efficient job so 250m of rope out by 1.30am. Staggered out of cave by 5.45 - shagged again after shifting rope to bottom of dreamtime.

Ace trip - why can't they all be as good? Del

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