161 - French Connection

Tue 31 Jul 1990
Peter Swain

French Connection
After getting lost 20' from entrance pitch we discovered that Francis had lost all the spits. He spent 20mins looking for them while we tried to find the way on. Eventually did (both of us). Got down to the French cave without mishap. Unfortunately, it had been derigged. Bollocks. Tried rigging another route which seemed to go but the rope didn't. Came out through 161b.


Waited at entrance for an hour in oversuits. Bloody rain didn't stop. Bloody rucksack leaked. Bloody waterproof wasn't. Bloody great trip.

Previous trip apparently an unwritten up derig :-) / Last write up / Final derig from Adrian's/FCII / Survey 161b to c trip / Next trip rigging in 1991

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