Surface - Trisselwand.

Tue 24 Jul 1990

Team hard bastard goes to re-enact the ancient CUCC legend of the Trisselwand climb

Found route with minor faff - hearts in mouths. Yummy new ring hangers ran out after 1st 3 pitches - all a bit shitty until up main gully where was more interesting - albeit a bit hot. Joe had epic on 1st really hard pitch - with one poxy runner ½ way up & extreme difficulty finding a belay at top. After me & Wadders had sunned ourselves for an hour & played radios again - Talk to Eishöhle from ½ way up T.wand? Went for Alpine bit across lethal scree slope - carefully ignoring the really silly drops to left. Bit of route faffing until found pitons. Wadders did traverse - I did really nasty shitty but quite hard pitch - W had final traverse out over edge of world ! I spent 40 mins on next pitch going up & reversing after getting to hard bit 20m above last crap runner. AERW reckoned left - I went right - it looked easier - managed a few more wires to shit belay. Eventually W came up & found piton - 2 more nice pitches with real attached rock to top via 3 more rope lengths of scrambling/bunde bashing. Mega climb - well shitty in places with Fuck All protection - good job it's not too hard!

Took 8½ hours (9 hrs J & J as they suffered from dark & Bunde at end).

Back just after 11 via a toad & lots of [???].

Radios are fun - Can talk to Top camp, Stogerweg, Bergrestaurant, Base Camp & Entrance.

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