Surface - "Positively the last chance to paint a number on 100" trip

Sat 11 Aug 1990
Andy Waddington

Having finally fixed the brakes on the Green Death Machine _and_ found some paint, Waddington burned up to the car park, then up to Top Camp in 24mins 28sec (is this a record?). Finally, after 13 years (!) got a number painted on 100. Also painted 159, then searched for B10 and B9 again, failed again. Sauntered over to 80 and refreshed its number. Searched for 84 for ages, gave up - gave 100 a second coat ! Searched for B6 and B5 unsuccessfully, then found a BIG entrance with no number visible. Descended the entrance, found various ways on, one DRAUGHTING shaft looks interesting. No footprints (probably means nothing at this depth). Only 5 mins from Top Camp - worth a look next year ?

Sauntered along the west rim of Kratzer looking for A1, B1-3 etc., but found nothing except a very impressive choked shaft with an apparent phreatic tube leading off. Climbed in, then scrambled down a snow slope to find a lack of ways on, except a narrow way down a snow-choked rift.

Eventually sauntered down towards Bräuning Alm where the number on 96 looked a bit faded, so I refreshed it. Trogged across to Bräuning Kunntal and up Sommersitz planning to saunter down to the Bergrestaurant, but things went horribly wrong.

This path pops out at Augstsee by which time (it was downhill) I was running. Unfortunately, I got carried away, and ran up the path to Loser. By the top of Hochanger, sanity prevailed (and so did aerobic wipe-out and general sugar deficiency) so I sat around and took piccies and decided to forego the final stage to Loser. Sauntered along the ridge until it was mainly downhill again, pausing for photos at Loser Fenster, then ran all the way to the car park. Drove down to road test the brakes - no problem overtaking ouigees.... Give me a beer...

Andy. T/U 10 mins

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    Surface - "Positively the last chance to paint a number on 100" trip