161 - survey Power Station Series (& derig!)

Mon 06 Aug 1990
Tim Farrar

Fluttered down pitches 1,2,3,4 + squeeze into LH Route. Then walked to hole in floor off rift & abseiled down pitch after pitch to the bottom including lovely 50m free hanging pitch off crap rigging (Damage with wire belay through maillons). Got to the bottom in 2½ hours then had to start out & survey. This took ages & ages. Olly did the pretty (?) piccies, Tim did the readings (with muddy glasses & instruments) & Francis did the derigging (& got cold). Eventually surveyed to the top & had to carry lots of gear up the squeeze - which tired Olly out slightly. Made it out after our call-out time.

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    161 - survey Power Station Series (& derig!)