161 - down LH Route

Sun 05 Aug 1990
David Fearon

& _NO_ Olly

So anyway, in the beginning there were three festering louts. Time passed. Two of these differentiated from the norm thus changing the norm and started to go caving. The third, the 'Olly' stayed put. The 'Wookey' and the 'Damage' proceeded to travel without haste accross the karst to the cave. On arrival a radio from Philips started talking to us. The 'Olly' was communicating (or at least trying). The 'Wookey' shouted loudly at a black box because of the lack of the 'Olly'. There was then discussion of suitable punishments to 'Olly'. The 'Wookey' was considering various forms of physical abuse. It was eventually decided that drop testing him was too severe and we went caving. What a nice bit of cave said I, being so close to the top of the 1623/161 thingy. We zoomed down the Joe rigging, faffed, put in a bolt and descended to the head of a pitch and started gardening. We concluded it were a big pitch. Forty five metres we timed it to, and 52m it was - so go climb a toadstool all you automatic pitch length halfers, we get it right, or at least quite close even if we are so fit that it only seems like 35m up. Got to bottom and found a big passage to the bottom but another thr metre pitch grr, grr. Did some more rigging, found bottom, I then suggested Wookey went down some small holes. We then left.

Tm U/G 10 hours

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