161 - Endless

Fri 20 Jul 1990

(to 21/7)

Yet another overnighter to finish survey of Endless. Went OK except Pete screwed up compass readings at steep angles so redid some - also dropped Geraldine 15m down rift - tut tut, but she is ace gear & works OK. After bunging 30kilo ff2x2 & 150 kilo ff1 down cliff & discovering that HILTI bolts are ACE GEAR, we took G.B.H down to do pitch. Damage went down 1st on one bolt for 50m. I added 2 rebelays but rope now didn't reach tacklebag. - Grr. Went home at 1.30am. out by 7 after a brew. Tried Dreamtime on way down - well weird!

Previous 'Endless' trip / Mark S, Julian's tourist trip (same overnight)

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