161 - Dreamtime flapjack photos

Tue 24 Jul 1990
David Fearon

says Adam

Trundled off for an early start quickly into caving gear. No tackle <tick><tick>[ascii failure again]!. Above 3rd pitch Mark showed us how to play flashes. I posed in my Mac suit above 3rd pitch. We then ran down to Dream time to photo leopard skin again the lovely Damage posing. Dougherty made Adam hang for ages on Knossus as we photoed him. We then ran down to Flapjack. Loadsa lovely pitch. Down bottom I saw Williams head poking out of the wall, He thrutched down a pitch on 9mm SRT. Mark tried dodgy techniques to make us smile. We ran up pitches, William & I derigging Adam & Dougherty left out early. After fettling carbides (grr, grr), one left to finish a highly organized, efficient and (hopefully) successful trip 11 hours(M&A)

Previous (rerigging) Dreamtime trip / Previous trip in Flapjack II (Too Much Too Soon)

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