161 - Vestabule

Wed 18 Jul 1990

(to 19/7)

Damage- My furry suit was so soggy and I was so cold. Popped down Vestabule Near over the rainbow and surveyed down low passage with over a foot of squalor. I now pass on to my more enlightened half.

Wook- After surveying on my back with tape in teeth in lots of mud we finished off the Vestabule survey - leaving a pitch to be descended.

Trogged off to CFN - passing Mark D & William at Bungalow pitch. Had a brew & meal - damage about to die of cold so did more surveying - pretty dull - dropped all the notes in a stream & had to roll huge rocks to get them back.

Retired before damage died of cold & out v.slowly by 8 am - well knackered.

Previous Vestabule trip (last year) / MarkD & William's trip (Flat Battery)

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