161 - Dreamtime - surveying and re-rigging trip

Thu 19 Jul 1990
Jared West

Down at about 12.30 armed with 7 choccy bars ! Tina & Mike did a romantic (!) surveying trip down to the top bolt of bungalow pitch via dreamtime whilst I tried to tidy up the rigging a bit in order to turn the dreamtime passages into a 'trade route' into the cave. Put 5 bolts in in all with primitive bolting kit, and rigged a traverse line across a nasty hole in the floor just before the pool. Del & Dave passed by on their way down to Julians route. On the way out we explored a small passage leading off from the bottom of eyehole pitch (Gnome passage) which has really white limestone walls - just like the limestone at the surface. Explored past a stal obstruction (hammered) where the passage forks. Both ways on too tight after a few metres but still drafting strongly. Exited at 11.00 pm & Annie was kind enough to take orders for food over the radio !

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    161 - Dreamtime - surveying and re-rigging trip