161 - Tourist

Fri 20 Jul 1990
Julian Todd

(to 21/7)

an absolute tourist trip to show Mark how crap caving is as opposed to squatting in the campsite waiting for the wind to change direction. Descent at 9:95, so had acquired our night vision for start, could actually see things. Festered through Dreamtime, tottered into Knossus, walked round it, shrugged up staircase 36 and found Wookey (where else would you find him!), but his kettle was broken and he'd run out of peanut butter. Plenty of cheese cake on the loose rocks in the rift. At pitch end 3.30am, festered a bit, then headed out, me falling asleep and/or hallucinating at the bottom of pitches, and having to kick Mark awake whenever I got up them. He hated it!

Previous 'Endless' trip / Wookey & Co. Surveying trip (same overnight)

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