161 - Second Dreamtime Pitch

Wed 18 Jul 1990
Francis Turner

(extended to 19th, Pete in brackets)

2nd Dreamtime pitch - The Exposé. also J & F get totally knackered.

With our surveying gear, bolting kit etc, mostly found in other people's SRT bags, we trotted off to survey Matt's Mega New Conexion. Now for the facts. Pitch is ~13(not 30)m. Matt's rigging also caused comment. It ends in a disgusting rift which ends at a stream not a rope (but now probably has the added attraction of a bolting hammer) There was also a bit going backwards which was descended by Pete & ends up in a similar sort of rift. Having thus punctured Matts ego Pete popped out & Jeremy & Francis went on to Chicken Fried Lice & the other bits of the Damage & Wookey Yapate pitch discovery. We found their endless rift & it was truly so. Must go down to at least - 400m. Ended on a very steep (80°) boulder run above a pitch where rocks bounced for a loooong time (7 secs) so a good 30&plusm;m pitch is possible. After Jeremy nearly killed himself by thinking the pitch was nothing like that (ain't carbides crap really) & Francis went tumbling down a pitch that wookey had decided not to go down we sat around for hours slowly putting bolts into cheese while sitting on a very unstable set of boulders. J eventually descended to a much more solid rock wall which split the pitch. On one side it was quite small because J could see the floor with his laser, on the other he couldn't. We then came up. Thought about surveying but decided were too knacked & proved it by taking a good 4 hours (damn near 5 for Francis) to get to the surface.

Conclusions: 1) Matt earned his alternative dinner award
2) This is yet another lead going at ~400m
3) Its a bugger to rig on the top bit so bypasses (eg. pitch francis fell down) are required
4) Jeremy & Francis aren't very hard at all.

T U/g Pete 4hrs Jeremy 12½ Francis 13½

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