Push-Survey 161 RH Route (12h)

Tue 15 Aug 1989
Julian Todd

Tourist down to Knossus. Julian & I scrambled around Knossus, generally being very impressed. Went thro' Star Wars & Tina & I began survey thro' bits of Tower Blocks to an inlet (Yapate) & on round to Animal's bit. Met Jeremy & Julian at bottom of this pitch.

At bottom of p11 was this [plan]

Quakingesque passage descended by Jeremy/Julian

Rigged on down 4m over horrible rub point to ~20m free hang into streamway. Last 5m hang in water.

Down in streamway water disappears into rift & traverse carries on.

Out to meet Joe, Planc & MikeT in Knossus. I found squeeze impossible the wrong way round.


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