Niflheim Rigging Trip

Fri 11 Aug 1989
Mike Richardson

[exact date unrecorded.]

Really rather efficient trip down, mainly 'cos only two bolts had to be added (one at the 45m pitch and one on the bridge in Niflheim). Niflheim is too wet ! On arrival at the bottom I discovered that my spare carbide container was full of spits - then Tina discovered likewise. Mark didn't have any either 'cos he had a large generator. So we left with rather less light than was ideal, with added entertainment when Tina's Croll got jammed solid at a rebelay - I had to 'ab back down and it took both of us to release it.

Time underground 11 hours

Mark's description of the bottom of Niflheim -
Short climb down from boulders at bottom of pitch lands on floor of large rift (not false floor). Both obvious ways on along the rift blocked at floor level - one by sandy slope, other by boulders. Only obvious way on is a 2' diameter horizontal tube with ~3" water flowing down it. Other ways on may be found by climbing above the large boulders blocking rift.

Drunk & Stupid / Right Hand Route (both same day)

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