Rush back

Sat 02 Sep 1989
Tina White

Rushed back to Austria. 30 hour train journey and still so keen to be whisked up to the cave.

Leisurely start - underground by 1.30 ! Entertaining rigging the rope across the head of the third pitch. First I lifelined Mike with our climbing rope across a very nasty loose boulder slope. Then we tried to rig a rope straight across. Oh dear rope not quite long enough.

Much deliberation. Eventually I abseil down to 2nd rebelay on 3rd pitch and "brainwave" -> nice ledge to walk around. Well, fairly nice compared with the boulderslope and the possibility of being stuck half way across a rope.

Whee nice big passageway - stomp stomp stomp. Pitch, go down (nice natural, no wasting time bolting anything here). Oh dear, horrible tight rift with another pitch on it (undescended).

Next an eyehole was found halfway down pitch with a little chamber and a freeclimb down. We put the remainder of the rope down as a handline. More passage way at the bottom and nice mud formations on the walls. There are a few holes in the floor, tight but rattle a long way. Also a very deep rift with water going down it (undescended). We walked as far as we could and at the end there's a promising looking pitch. Not very deep (~10m) but it looks like it goes somewhere, there's lots of rattling at the bottom.
Surveyed out.

11 hr trip and it was pissing down when we came out.


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