Northern slopes of Hinterer Schwarzmooskogel and Nieder Augst-Eck

There is a well-established path to Top Camp (bivouac site at the stone bridge), which has been the usual base for CUCC's operations on the Schwarzmooskogel ridge north of the 161 area since about 2001. This is marked with carefully placed chain of cairns, which are augmented at the beginning of each expedition with reflective markers (collected in again at the end of the expo).

Follow the usual path from the Bergrestaurant car park to the Schwarzmoossattel. Rather than contouring around the base of the Nase as for old Top Camp, strike out to the right across the patch of boggy grass. From here, various variants of the path lead past the entrance to Bräuninghöhle (1623/82) and continue northwards to Laser Point 5.

Shortly after this is the beginning of a patch of bare limestone slabs, clearly visible from Schwarzmoossattel, which marks the highest point of the route. The unmistakable arched entrance of Hauchhöhle marks the end of this section, and from here a slightly confusing broken area dotted with patches of dwarf pine brings one out at the entrance to Steinbrückenhöhle.

165Schwa Schacht 165
194Schwa Schacht 194
195Schwa Schacht 195
196Schwa Höhle 196
214Segment cave
239Rock'n'Roll Höhle
243GNDN Höhle