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Kaninchenhöhle (1623/161) Glossary

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Main entrance (1988)
Obscure, choked entrance to France, down gully 75m SE from 161a (1990)
Main entrance to France, down gully 75m SE from 161a (1990) originally found by French group GSCB under name "VSS2", to -285m
Scarface entrance from Flat France east to Hochklapf valley (1995)
Entrance NE of (and 20m higher than) Scarface (~50m SSW of 161e) reached from Completely Loopy in Puerile Humour Series (1996, c 5 mins after 161e, but by a different party)
1988 second pitch
An obsolete name for Dungeon Pitch. Refs to this name should be changed.
2.4 kids
13m sixth pitch of Interview Blues (1996)
First squeeze below PP3 Pitch in Flat Battery (1990)
2nd squeeze below PP3 in Flat Battery, top of NiFe (1990)
Adrian's Route
1st explored route to France, from Rabbit Warren (1988)
An expunged name for "A Floor With A Trench" below Dounreay in Powerstation (1990)
An expunged name for "A Floor With A Trench In Too" below Sizewell A in Powerstation (1990)
These names were used only in the logbook write-up of the discovery trip.
Alexander Technique
52m pitch below Gob on You (1993). Next pitch leads back to DeHydration (later meaning) (1990). Traverse across is [C1993-161-04]
Alfons Åberg
Two small pits separated by a mudbank at end of Dr. Snuggles (1996)
Large chamber deep in France (later meaning), below Frogs' Legs (1992)
Alphetta Streamway
A short section of streamway reached from Trembling via Free Attics which ends tiny up stream and too narrow downstream (1989)
Alternative Shopper
Dead end pitch series beyond Checkout in Big Sainsbury's (1989)
Alternative Universe
c250m of passage from start of Triassic Park, mostly parallel to it, ending near Ring Piece Junction (1996)
Route explored from Left Hand to Right Hand Route (French Connection to Wobbling), also described from Right to Left, as this is likely to be more useful to parties using Triassic entrance(s) (1991)
Amyl Nitrate
First hole (traversed past on right) in Puerile Humour Series (1996). May be undescended ?
Pitch in Bladerunner (1992)
Andy's Pitch
Short pitch at the start of Lost in Space III in Chile (1999)
Anorexic Rift
Tight Rift below Bulemic Pit at end of Alternative Universe (1996)
Application for Life
55m fifth pitch (first in State of Independence?) of Interview Blues (1996)
Ariadne's Aven
Pair of avens left of FX2 in Flat Battery (1990)
Arrow Chamber
Chamber at start of pitches in Left Hand Route (1988)
The Arsehole
11m blind pitch in Oral Series off Dreaming of Limo (1995)
Attempted Penetration
30m pitch below Titfield Thunderbolt in France (later meaning) (1993)
The draughting continuation of Siberia at the end of 1997 below Somebody Else's Problem (1997)
Automatic Doors
Pitch below entrance pitch, into Big Sainsbury's (1988)
Axle Stand
Ramp pitch at the end of Black Velvet (1993)
Bacon Slicer
Nasty, muddy, hading rift after Wet Nappy Chamber in Drunk and Stupid (1989)
(undescended) one of three shafts in Arrow Chamber. Actually there is some debate about this, as the trip of 2nd September 1988 claimed to descend Baker, but all subsequent references suggest that the descended pitch was called Butcher.
The Basement
Chamber below entrance pitch (1988)
Bat Corner
Small sandy chamber below 1st pitch of Flapjack (1989)
Bat Droppings
36m freehang below Bat Corner in Flapjack (1989)
Batman Series
Off Deadbats Chamber in Puerile Humour Series (1996)
Battle of the Bulge
Squeeze on original route to Scarface entrance (1995)
Bearbum Passage
A branch off Psycho Street in Fuzzy Logic ends tight (1998)
Becka Falls
Pitch below Squeeze in Checkout route (named 1989)
Beehive (Flapjack)
Very tight rift at bottom of Flapjack (1989)
Beehive (Repton)
Chamber beyond Repton II, on way to Pipeless (1991)
Beer Belly Blues
Another (1989) name for The Squeeze
30m pitch & dead end, bottom of French Connection II (1990). Named because it is small and near France, but much less interesting ;)
Erroneously: to refer to area around Dice Chamber
Between the Thighs
Puerile Humour Series (1996)
Big Sainsbury's
Large passage below 161a entrance, passed through on most routes (1988)
Bird's Eye
Rock Bridge over a cross rift c 50m down Niflheim on LHR (1988)
Biscuit Factory
Chamber below Digestive Passage (1994)
Black Bullshit
Final 30m pitch from Waterfalls Walk of Orient Express route (1993)
Black Lagoon
Silt pool at bottom of Left Hand Route (1989)
Black Suspender Pitch
Blind pitch at end (150m from start) of Mississippi (1994), ledge halfway down also reached from Rocky Horror end of Fudge Brownie
Black Velvet
Black sandy passage beyond Satan's Sitting Room (1992)
Series down hole (aka HBTPBTS: Hole Below The Pitch Below The Squeeze) just below Chunnel Pitch (1992)
Bladerunner pitch
The second, 14m, pitch in Bladerunner (1992).
Bloody Hairfire Passage
The furthest part of the left hand branch of Puerile Humour Series, beyond Where the Wind Blows (1996)
Passage off Olympus (1989)
The Bottom
The deepest point, originally bottom of Flapjack series (1989, -498m), but now the furthest point of Siberia, below Midnight in Moscow (1998, -527m)
Bottomless Pit of Eternal Chaos
(Who thinks 'em up, eh?) 60m pitch off Trifurcation at end of Triassic Park part 3 (1996) "BPEC" on survey.
Boulder Alley
Main route of RHR below Poxy, above Knossos (1988)
Boulderdash Chamber
Obsolete name for Repton (1991)
Bounce Rift
The logical end of Puerile Humour and start of Yorkshire Pudding leading to 161e and Iceland (1996)
Bourneville Lake; Bourneville Choc Flats
A relict (or seasonal ?) lake in Upstream Lost World, marked by a tide mark of dark brown mud. [Picture] (Dark chocolate mud and land speed records)
The Box
A "viewing platform" at the start of Footlights Traverse in Steinschlagschacht (1997)
Breeze Block
Rift series off the Overshoot in Chile (1999)
Breeze Block Central
Large Chanber within Breeze Block in Chile (1999)
Breeze Through
in Chile (1999)
Brian's Pitch
Short pitch off Puerile Humour (1996)
The Bridge
Precarious boulders over a big pit in Pipeless (1992)
Brownie's Cunt
Squeeze (now dug) into Zombie Slime from French Revolution (1995)
Frustrating 1995 end of Triassic Park at climb up (Fine Clean Rock, 1996)
Bulemic Pit
7m pitch at end of Alternative Universe (1996)
Bull's Eye
Eyehole leading into Lost in Space in Chile (1999)
Bullshit Alley
Blind rift on right at start of Dreamtime (1990)
The Bungalow
Large boulder, end of Chunnel, with pitch off it (1988)
Bungalow Pitch
Pitch off the Bungalow at end of Chunnel (1988)
Route from Chicken Flied Nice into the further ramifications of Repton etc. (1990/91)
Burble Crawl
Most obvious way out of aven at start of Burble (1990)
First pitch of Left Hand Route, from Arrow Chamber (1988)
Campsite (LHR)
In Dewdrop passage of Left Hand Route (now on main way) (1989)
Campsite (RHR - 1989)
In Toilet Block, off YAPATE at Carrefour (1989)
Campsite (RHR - 1993 on)
In Wet Weekend, and again nearby in Pipeless (1993 on)
Candlestick Maker
1988 usage believed to refer to 1 (undescended) of 3 parallel shafts from Arrow Chamber in Left hand Route.
Confusingly used to refer to 1st Powerstation pitch & pitch below Butcher during Powerstation exploration and in some later versions of description
Captive Wedge
Pitch below Hasta La Vesta (1990) or Alexander Technique (1993), with tube and rift [C1990-161-07]
Old phreatic tube near bottom of Lost in Space III (in Chile) with many large protruding roof fossils (1999)
Major junction at start of YAPATE in RH Route (1988) with Toilet Block, Waterfall Chamber and way to Flapjack.
Floor at bottom of first broken 80m pitch in Henri's Cat (1996)
Catwoman's Claws
Left Hand branch in Batman Series leading to Where the Wind Blows (1996)
Pitch at end of Big Sainsbury's, old main route, (aka the Third Pitch) (1988)
In Flat Battery, Rock barrier in scrotty bit below Electrolyte Level, near FX2 pitch (1990)
Chicken Flied Nice
Continuation of YAPATE beyond Staircase 36 (1990)
Children's Railway
Passage paralleling Triassic Park (but smaller) from Locophobia to Ring Piece Junction. Thus named because start is perfect tunnel, it is off Locophobia, and we found a Children's Railway in subsequent holiday in Hungary (1995)
Major (2½ km) passage series heading SW at Elin Algor level in Steinschlagschacht, eventually dropping to -440m from the 136 entrance (1999)
Pitches (p16,p7) below Bugger at end of Triassic Park (1996)
Chunder Trip Pitch
A deprecated alternative name for the first pitch in the Pitch-Ramp Series (1993).
The Chunnel
Main Passage of Right Hand Route, Becka Falls to Bungalow (1988)
[Picture of Chunnel Pitch]
Clear As Mud
70m dried up streamway to a mud choke at the bottom of Fuzzy Logic (1998)
Clearly Too Tight
Miserable 5m pitch in Doubting Thomas series (1995)
Completely Loopy
Part of right hand branch of Batman Series in Puerile Humour, close to the 161f entrance (1996)
Corinth Canal
30m high narrow rift over water below Redemption Pitch in Chaos series (1996)
Cowboy Caver
Area reached by climb up rift between top of Garden Party and bottom of Squeeze pitch (1995)
Critters' End
Passage containing dead bats and moths via which Scarface was originally found (1995)
Crystal Clear Passage
Main route to 161f from either Pothole Passage or Completely Loopy, Puerile Humour Series (1996)
Crystal Maze
Ice-decorated area of Iceland (1996)
Cyclopentyl Arch
Between entry to Lummat's Folly and the pitch into Deadbats Chamber in Puerile Humour Series (1996)
Darkness Dooms
15m pitch below Bacon Slicer in Drunk and Stupid (1989)
Daz Automatic
Another pitch series in the floor of Algeria. Connects to Washer (1995)
Dead and Buried
p8m beyond short passage from Helipad in D&S (1989), can also be reached on its far side from French Connection
Deadbats Chamber
Every cave should have one ! Kaninchenhöhle's is in the Puerile Humour Series (1996)
Dead Drill Hole
In Limo Series beyond Stomping, (or below Driller Killer): pitch into Dreaming of Limo chamber (1994)
Death's Door
The head of Loose Bowels pitch below Checkout (1988)
Deep Sleep
Steep narrow rift, floor of Dreamtime 20m after Alternative Shopper (1992)
Degree of Talent
6m second pitch of Interview Blues (1996)
Originally (1990) everything beyond Staircase 36 (ie. CFN, HGS, Endless). This is now no longer a useful grouping, so scope has been restricted to mean Endless rift/pitch series, ie. Series of shafts from Endless to Half Shaft (1990)
Del's Bit
Obsolete (1988) name for passage leading from Arrow Chamber (LHR) to Pitch-Ramp Series
Del's Climb
[C1989-161-03] in Olympus (1989)
Deja Vu
20m pitch below Roll of the Dice in France (1991 limit)
Dennis the Menace
25m pitch into Doubting Thomas Series from Doll Killer Passage in Limo Series (1995)
Dental Floss
First pitch of Oral Series off Dreaming of Limo (1995)
Passage in LHR, explored from below (1988) but named when it became main route below S'not pitch (1991) on way to Left Hand Route
Dewdrop Junction
Junction between Dewdrop and main Left Hand Route passage (1991)
The Dice
Large boulder in France (original 1990 sense) at head of Roll of the Dice in France (later 1991-on meaning) (1990)
Digestive Passage
Pitch below Rich Tea into Biscuit Factory (1994)
Dig number 90
Low crawl near bottom of Natural City, Puerile Humour Series (1996)
50m pitch 2/3 way down Powerstation (1990)
Loose boulder slope below Titfield Thunderbolt in France (later meaning) (1993)
Dr. Snuggles
Passage from tunnel on left just after Moth Chamber in Triassic Park (1996)
The Doledrums
10m third pitch of Interview Blues (1996)
Dolphin Falls
A completely spurious name used in the original 1997 report, for Penguin Falls
Doll Killer Passage
In Dreaming of Limo area (1994) with [C1994-161-53] to [C1994-161-55]
Double A
First squeeze below Oldham Pitch in Flat Battery (1990)
Doubting Thomas Series
Pitch series below Dreaming of Limo named after MikeTA pronounced that it obviously wouldn't go (1995)
Classic 37m pitch below Foulness Ledge in Powerstation (1990)
used in the log book write up only to mean the (then unexplored) 50m pitch now called Dinorwig
Dracula's Grave
3m deep ice-filled pit in Transylvania Avenue, beyond Iceland (1996)
Dreaming of Limo
Large complex chamber, found via Gnome II in Dreamtime, but now reached via Stomping from RHR. Named by thirsty cavers needing a change from Gösser (1994). Has [C1994-161-41]-[C1994-161-49]
Dreaming Pitch
10ish m pitch between Eyehole and Hinge in Dreamtime (1989)
Dream On
This is the name of a survey (rather than a named part of the cave): "Dreamtime top bit extra survey" to start of Deep Sleep (1991)
Continuation of Big Sainsbury's, becoming a vertical route down to Bungalow pitch (1989-90)
Dry pitch reached by Top Loader (1994) or climb from Algeria (1993). The further of the two shafts of Twin Tubs
Driller Killer
27m pitch beyond squeeze in Gnome II (1994) - leads to Limo Series and via Stomping to Vestabule in Right Hand Route
Drunk & Stupid
Vertical series from Big Sainsbury's connecting to Left Hand route via French Connection (1989)
Before 25m Exhaustion Pitch, beyond Maze on way to Siberia (1991)
An expunged name for the Sizewell B pitch and two crawls below in Powerstation (1990)
used only in the log book write up of the discovery trip.
The Dungeon
Base of Dungeon Pitch from The Basement (1988)
Dungeon Pitch
Most obvious way on down from The Basement. Originally referred to as second pitch, and then 1988 second pitch (1988)
Rift off to left between The Ramp and Kein Zimmer Rift in the Wheelchair Access series (1997) ('What shall we call this bit ?' - 'Dunno!!' - so it was).
Early Retirement
A small phreatic tube to an unpushed pitch, below The Volvo in Interview Blues (1996)
East Anglia
Low sandy passage beyond Far Too Far (1993) to pitch at end [C1993-161-03] (flat and not very interesting)
Eau Naturel
Short rift series off [C1995-161-48] where water sinks in Locophobia (1998)
Electrolyte Level
Phreatic level at bottom of Flat Battery (1990)
Elin Algor (described from 136)
Large straight NE/SW rift passage in Forbidden Land (named after the fridge in the potato hut, when inspiration was lacking) (1996) (also described from 161 end)
The End is Nigh?
48m ninth pitch with constricted take off, in Interview Blues (1996)
Steeply descending scrambly rift passage below Hyper Gamma Spaces, leading to Hasta La Vesta (1990)
Entrance pitch (161a)
37m pitch from surface to The Basement (1988)
Even Further
Chamber beyond Further reached by The Needle and Weasel Pit (1993)
Exhaustion Pitch
25m pitch beyond the Duckpond, beyond the Maze (1991)
Exit Stage Left
Rift chamber reached by 16m climb up and 5m down from the Theatre in Steinschlagschacht, or directly by descending 48m down Plughole pitch (explored 1997, named 1999).
Eyehole Pitch
Second Pitch of Dreamtime (1989)
Eyehole Route
New (1997) route in Steinschlagschacht, leading to connection with 161.
Far Too Far
Passage beyond sharp corner in Black Velvet (1992), with pitch [C1992-161-19] and left traverse [C1992-161-21] at end
Fat Knot Fruity
15m pitch below Disintegration in France (1993)
Fear-On Traverse
Traverse over Gizza Job (1st pitch of Interview Blues) (unsurveyed and connecting down to fifth pitch of IVB), named for the technical difficulty and exposure of traverse to reach it, pioneered by Dave Fearon (1996)
[Picture of traverse]
Fifty Francis' Phreatic Freehang
Classic 40m pitch in Flat Battery, below Jackpot (1990)
The Final Cut
20m blind rift beyond Wish You were here (Not Me) pitch (1990)
Fine Clean Rock
Climb above Bugger at the end of Triassic Park, into passage heading north past a 226m shaft, Henri's Cat (1996)
Five-Ways Chamber
Beyond Dead Bat Chamber in Puerile Humour Series, the start of Completely Loopy (1996)
Flaky Passage
Original 1996 logbook name for Shingler's Rift in 161f
Major pitch series from YAPATE level between Carrefour and the far end of Olympus, reaches -498m frm 161a (1989)
Flapjack II
Alternative version of Flapjack from -50m down latter, reaching just about the same depth (1990)
Flat Battery Series
Pitch series near far end YAPATE to c -400m (1990)
Flat France
Generic term for horizontal passages at the Algeria/Scarface level of France (1994-95)
Fogies' Folly
The original name for Wheelchair Access, which name was originally applied to only part of the series (1996)
Footlights Traverse
Second traverse (after 16m pitch) on SW-trending route from the head of the fifth pitch on Eyehole route in Steinschlagschacht, high above the Theatre (1997). Name sometimes applied to the whole route.
Forbidden Land (described from 136 end)
(Originally) big, partially collapsed rift beyond very active boulder choke (Stairway to Hell) at end of Mississippi/Rocky Horror (1995);
Now: The whole south-west-trending series from this entry point to the Steinschlagschacht connection (1996) (also described from 161 end)
Foulness Ledge
Rock covered ledge at foot of 1st pitch of Powerstation (1990)
France (later meaning)
Major Vertical series below 161c, partly explored by French (1991 on)
France (original meaning)
The chamber containing The Dice, now France Chamber (1990)
Pitch Series reached from 161c, drops into France (1991)
Free Attics
Twisty tubes off Trembling in Pot of Gold (1989)
French Connection Chamber
Chamber where Left Hand Route meets Drunk & Stupid (1989)
French Connection Pitch
Pitch into French Connection Chamber from Left Hand Route (1989)
French Connection II
Rift connected to France by passage identical/parallel/below Robinson Crusoe. Also the 50m Pitch in this rift from Adrian's/161b (1990)
French Revolution
1995 breakthrough point towards Triassic Park. Passage (starts as traverse) connecting Fudge Brownie to Brownie's Cunt (1995)
Frogs' Legs
Three pitches below Toothless into Algeria, in France (1992)
Fudge Brownie
Muddy passage on left side of Mississippi 20m from start, named for the colour and quality of its mud (1994)
Further Chamber
Chamber reached by Axle Stand from Black Velvet (1993)
Fuzzy Logic
Passage left at Not This Junction (end of 1994 survey) in Siberia (1997). Named when explorers surveyed from a point clearly marked "not this", which was not a previous survey mark.
Final p8 where Flat Battery drops into Electrolyte Level (1990)
Garden Party
Vertical route from hole in Left Hand Route floor near Dewdrop, to Ragnarök (1992)
Genital Wart
Pitch leading to VD Series, near start of Puerile Humour (1996)
Ginger Crunch
Pitch into high rift reached from Mississippi Mud Pie (1994)
Gizza Job
25m first pitch of Interview Blues (1996)
25m pitch (alternative to Dennis the Menace) into Doubting Thomas Series, continuation of pitch from Doll Killer Passage into Dreaming of Limo (1995)
Gnome Passage
Low passage beyond bedding plane below Eyehole in Dreamtime (1990), ends in boulder choke, not pushed 1992
Gnome II
Right hand fork of Gnome, including serious squeeze to Driller Killer (1992)
Series from Gob on You (1990), joining Dehydration (1993) at Half Shaft
Gob On You
Pitch at end of YAPATE leading to Wish You Were Here (1990 (1989 ?)) (after a nasty SPIT)
The Gods' Traverse
Spectacular bolted traverse 14m down fourth pitch on Eyehole route in Steinschlagschacht, 40+m above the floor of the Theatre (1997) [Picture]
Short low bit off Mothshag containing big skull (Bear?) (1995)
Blind 14m rift pitch at the bottom of VD Series off start of Puerile Humour (1996)
Gotham City Junction
In Batman Series (Puerile Humour) (1996)
The Gravel Pit
Particularly chossy way off Tirolia Werke in Forbidden Land, pushed via 136 (1997)
The Gravy Train
Right from crossroads below The Volvo in Interview Blues (1996)
Green Gables
Short series right off that part of Siberia explored but not surveyed in 1994 - no description yet (1997)
Grub Chamber
Small chamber in Lying Down on the Job in the eastern part of Puerile Humour (1996)
The Guillotine
High passage connecting Scarface/Salt Lake City junction to Triassic. Named after pointy hanging boulder (1995)
Half Shaft
p35 below Hasta La Vesta and above Captive Wedge (Dehydration/GOB) (1990)
Hall of the Mounting Choss (described from 136)
Long, steeply inclined chamber at the start of Forbidden Land (1996) (also described from the 161 end)
49m pitch below Tapeworm (1996) named for hammer head which broke off during rigging and was found exactly at the bottom of the rope
Han Solo
14m pitch at start of Bladerunner (1992)
Hangover Hang
Nasty 9m handline climb below Tortoise and Hare in Garden Party (1992)
Hare Rift
Freeclimbable rift paralleling Tortoise Pitch, Garden Party (1992)
Hasta La Vesta
Nasty pitch head (hanging death) halfway down Dehydration, leading onto Half Shaft (1990)
Heart of Gold
Short muddy passage to left in Vogon Constructor Ship (1994)
The Helipad
Chamber near the bottom of Drunk and Stupid (1989)
Hell's Teeth
20m tedious rift below Bottomless Pit of Eternal Chaos (1996)
Crawl at bottom of Left Hand Route leading to Thumper The Talking Sump (1989)
Henri's Cat
Deep pitch series (from -198 to -424m essentially in a single shaft) from Fine Clean Rock (1996)
A Bad Case of Herpes
Rift below Genital Wart in VD Series near start of Puerile Humour (1996)
Hinge Pitch
Fourth pitch of Dreamtime, below Dreaming Pitch (1990)
Hobnob Passage
Short stretch of passage from Rich Tea to Digestive (1994)
The Hole Below The Pitch Below The Squeeze
The original name for the start of Bladerunner (before 1992)
Hole in the Roof Pitch
30m final pitch in Dreamtime (1990)
How far to Tooting?
First pitch of alternative route below State of Independence? in Interview Blues - the way to Bottomless Pit of Eternal Chaos (1996)
Hymen Crawl
From Dr. Snuggles to Alternative Universe (1996) Named for hammered-out entrance off Moomintroll
Hyper Gamma Spaces
Two different, but adjacent places - both the big space containing Strange Downfall, Upfall and Acrossfall, and also the section of confusing rift at its bottom [C1990-161-04] (not the bit which is Endless) (1990)
Ice-formation-decorated chamber beyond the Crystal Maze, most readily accessible via 161e and Roast Beef, or via Bounce Rift at furthest point of Puerile Humour Series (1996)
Ignorance is Bliss
2nd pitch of Ignore this Bit (1993)
Ignore This Bit
Passage off from ledge part way down Automatic Doors (1993)
Indian Rope Trick
7m climb up from below The Thirty in Drunk and Stupid (1989) to [C1989-161-09]
Indian Scoop
In short horizontal passage just before Dreaming Pitch in Dreamtime (1989)
Infinite Improbability Drive
Superb phreatic tube reached from Biscuit Factory via Vogon Constructor Ship, leading to Skeleton in the Cupboard (1994)
Interview Blues
Deep Vertical Series (to -451m) from Trifurcation at end of Triassic Park (1996) named for initial explorer who had to return to UK for an interview after just one trip
4th pitch, 8m (therefore named because it was a P8 :-), in Flat Battery below NiFe (1990)
The Joker
Blind 12m pitch in Deadbats Chamber, Puerile Humour Series (1996)
Kein Zimmer Rift
A tight rift pitch in Wheelchair Access leading down to the Lost World (1997) [Picture]
aka Knossus.. HUGE Chamber on way to far north, found from RHR (1988) and also accessible from Triassic Park (1996)
Knossos pitch
30m pitch from Boulder Alley into Knossos (1988)
In Drill Series, beyond Gnome II, and above Driller Killer, (as in "Knot what we wanted") (1992)
The Labyrinth
Nasty bit of complex small sharp phreatic passages, Electrolyte Level (1990)
Lazy Labyrinth
Complex bit near top of Garden Party (1992)
Complex area to left of Repton I, towards Maze and Siberia (1991) named when entire survey done on 1cm of pencil lead
Complex area to right from T-junction below Vom pitch beyond Burble (1991) (same place as above, but described from the other end, ie. the direction of discovery)
Left Hand Route
Major Route from Dewdrop/Becka Falls, via Arrow chamber to Ragnarök (1988)
Aven reached by short climb up from Dewdrop (1991)
Lift Shaft
(unascended) square aven in Arrow Chamber (1988)
Limo Series
All the passages and pitches beyond Vestabule (Night Soil, Knotwhat, Oral, Doubting Thomas, etc.) (1994-1995)
Limo's Revenge
Grotty passage off Stomping (1995)
Llandudno Singers
Narrowing rift at end of Magic Jumars series (1997)
Loch Gösser
Long pool off Children's Railway/Triassic Park (1995)
Wide section of Triassic park at junction of Children's Railway (1995) pun on Fear of the Dark (actually unlocosomethingphobia) and general train sizedness of passage
Loose Bowels
Second pitch of Checkout route to the Squeeze, immediately below Death's Door (1988)
Lost in Space
Major Deep Route in Chile to -440m (1999)
Lost World
Huge Stomping Passage beyond Kein Zimmer Rift in Wheelchair Access (1997) [Several Pictures - see visual tour]
Lummat's Folly
Cross passage in Puerile Humour Series between Natural City and Dead Bat Chamber (1996)
Lying Down on the Job
An oxbow off the right hand branch of Batman Series in Puerile Humour Series (1996)
Magic Jumars
Three pitch series off Alternative Universe (1997)
Man Friday
10m long continuation of Robinson Crusoe across FCII, containing unexplained footprint (1991)
The Mathematical Bridge
A rock arch in Flat Battery below Fifty Francis' Phreatic Freehang (1990)
Maud's Window
A hole in the Mathematical Bridge (1990)
Complex area to left of Vom pitch (1991)
The Meeting Room
Pitch beyond Fear-On traverse above Interview Blues (1996)
Mental Imbalance
Pitch below No Goer in Doubting Thomas (1995)
Mid Life Crisis
13m eighth pitch, beyond the Gravy Train in Interview Blues (1996)
Midnight in Moscow
55m pitch beyond Somebody Else's Problem in Siberia (1998)
Millennium Falcon
Squeezey bit in Bladerunner (1992)
Minoan Surprise
Short section left at Trifurcation containing 2 big shafts and expected to connect to Knossos (1995) [and proven correct (1996)]
Dried up river passage, right at T-junction reached by traversing big muddy shelf 15m down Sultans of Swing (1994) named for river of one of explorers' home town. Only traversed for a short way on main route, the rest is effectively a side passage leading to Black Suspender. The passage is also described coming from France.
Mississippi Mud Pie
Chocolate-mud filled passage, left at T-junction from 15m down Sultans of Swing (opposite direction from Mississippi) (1994)
Mohr in Hemd
Scrotty passage on right 15m from start of Mississippi (1994)
Short passage reached by 3m climb down from Zebedee (1996)
Mosquito Coast
Awkward, tight, 8m third pitch in Bladerunner (1992)
Mostly Mud
Sordid keyhole passage beyond Silent Fellow (1992)
Moth Chamber
Hole in floor 60m beyond the Overflow in Triassic Park (1995) - the way in to Wheelchair Access (1996)
Mother of All Deviations
5m-off-the-rope deviation 44m down the first 80m pitch of Henri's Cat (1996)
Chamber near Scarface. Contained many shagging moths on discovery (1995)
National Velvet
Deprecated name for Axle Stand pitch into Further (1993)
Natural Born Slingers
Awkward final pitch in Carpetworld dropping to Totality (-435m) in Chile (1999)
Natural City
Near start of Puerile Humour Series (1996)
Natural Deception
Next 10m pitch after Fat Knot Fruity in France (1993)
Natural Imbalance
Pitch below Mental Imbalance in Doubting Thomas (1995)
The Needle
9m up pitch from Further Chamber (1993)
Neoprene Chunks
Passage avoiding Henri's Cat to the right - presumably a crawl (1996)
Never Ready
3.5m hole below PP3 in Flat Battery (blind) (1990)
3rd pitch of Flat Battery, between PP3 and Jackpot (1990)
Large pitch in Left Hand Route (bottomed 1989)
Night Soil Passage
To right shortly before Dead Drill Hole in Limo Series (1994).
Left Hand Side at junction [C1994-161-39], hole at end [C1994-161-40]
No Goer
20m pitch in Doubting Thomas Series (1995)
No, You Go First
Short pitch partway down Flapjack II (1990)
Not This Junction
T-junction at end of 1994 survey in Siberia, named in 1997 from a carbide mark clearly labelled "Not This" as it was not a survey point (but was used as if it had been, in 1997)
Not yet Baloo
42m tenth pitch, 6m diameter, after The End is Nigh? in Interview Blues (1996)
Oatso Simple
Large SW-trending tube at start of Chile in Steinschlagschacht (1999)
Oldham Pitch
First pitch of Flat Battery, before PP3 (1990)
Area of horizontal passages off west from Tower Blocks, also spelt Olypus due to initial writo (1988-1989)
Oral Series
Rift pitch series down from Dreaming of Limo (1995)
Orchestral Pit
Lower chamber below The Theatre in Steinschlagschacht (1997)
Orient Express
48m Pitch below Algeria in France (1992)
The Oubliette
Short pitch below Butcher in Left Hand Route (1988)
Outright Rejection
16m fourth pitch of Interview Blues (1996)
The Overflow
Waterfall (good carbide filler) marking change from Triassic Park I to Triassic Park II (1995), and the short pitch series below this (1998)
The Overshoot
Large hading passage trending SW beyond Oatso Simple in Chile (1999)
Over the Rainbow
Complex widening of Chunnel at traverse over Rainbow Pitch in Right Hand Route (1988)
Pacman Wall
Wall of bisected bivalves below Lift Shaft in Arrow Chamber (1988)
Paradox Rift
1st pitch of Fuzzy Logic in Siberia (1998)
Parallel Processing
Pitch after Tortoise in Garden Party, with unexplored parallel shaft (1992)
Parallel Universe
Pitch sort of halfway down Drunk and Stupid (1989)
Pebble Dash
30m pitch in Carpetworld, in chile (1999)
Pencil Shaft
Blind pitch in Puerile Humour Series, from Where the Wind Blows (1996)
Penguin Falls, Penguin Falls Bypass
In Puerile Humour Series - main route from Gotham City Junction to Fiveways (1996) [Picture]
Complex grotty area with howling draught connecting Triassic Park to Scarface (161d) entrance (1995)
Pete's Chamber
Chamber at bottom of Bullshit Alley (1990)
Phreatic Fantasy
(originally Fantasy Frigging Phreatic Level). Third pitch of Wet Dreams route in Steinschlagschacht (1984/1997)
Main Route on from Beehive beyond Repton (1991)
Piss Pot
Reached down rift just before Ginger Crunch in Flat France - choked passage parallel to Mississippi Mud Pie (1995)
The Pit & the Pendulum
Big shaft and aven off LH side at foot of Boulder Alley, leading to Rabbit Curry (1990)
Pitch-Ramp Series
Short series of pitches beyond holes in Arrow Chamber, Left Hand Route. Top originally called Del's Bit, then for a while, Chunder Trip Pitch (1993)
Plughole Pitch
Pitch at the end of Footlights traverse in Steinschlagschacht (explored 1997, named in 1999).
Pointless Pitch
Pitch below Candlestick Maker in the floor of Arrow Chamber in Left Hand Route (1993)
Pothole Passage
Main way from Shaftmine to 161f entrance from Puerile Humour Series (1996)
Pot of Gold
Pitch series from Over The Rainbow (1989)
Pitch series from LHR just before Arrow Chamber (1990)
Poxy Pitch
6m Pitch after Bungalow Pitch in Right Hand Route (1988)
Small (6m) 2nd pitch in Flat Battery after Oldham (1990)
Pretty Pointless
Small side passage in Ambidextrous, containing tidgy stal (1991)
Professor Yaffle
Small pitch in Dr. Snuggles, leading to Zebedee (1996)
Psycho Street
Small hading passage to mud-choked chamber at bottom of Fuzzy Logic (1998)
Pteramacsuit Chamber
Sizeable chamber in Upstream Lost World (1997) [Picture] Named because this is where damage inflicted to oversuits in Kein Zimmer Rift was invariably spotted
Puerile Humour Series
Very extensive horizontal development E and NE from Triassic Park just beyond Ring Piece Junction, leading to exit 161f and Bounce Rift (from where passages head to 161e and Iceland to the north) (1996)
Pump House (described from 136)
Passage from Hall of the Mounting Choss to Elin Algor in Forbidden Land (1996) (also described from 161 end)

There are no places beginning with a "Q" !

Rabbit Curry
Boulder choke at the bottom of Pit and Pendulum (1990)
Rabbit Warren Series
Series leading from the Basement towards France (1988)
Big passage at the bottom of Left Hand Route (1989)
Rainbow Pitch
Pitch underneath Over The Rainbow in Right Hand Route (1988)
The Ramp
Ramp passage forming main way on in (and originally carrying the name of) Wheelchair Access (1996)
Pitch at end of dried out streamway at the very bottom of Siberia, below Midnight in Moscow with probably-unfeasiblew dig at end (1998) named because it refused to die properly
Redemption Pitch
28m pitch below Bottomless pit of Eternal Chaos (1996)
Big chamber (bottom of aven) at end of Mohr in Hemd (1994) named after popular eat-MiHs-until-you-throw-up game at Hilde's
Repton Chamber
Large chamber in two sections beyond CFN (1991)
Repton I
First half of Repton (Hyper Gamma Spaces end) (1991)
Repton II
Second half of Repton (Beehive end) (1991)
Rich Tea
Right turn in descending boulder slope below Ginger Crunch (1994) several QMs hereabouts - holes in floor, difficult climb up left
The Riddler
Crawl from north side of Crystal Clear Passage in 161f (1996)
Rift Sans Nom
Rift above the squeeze on Checkout route (1988)
Right Hand Route
Route from Dewdrop/Becka Falls, to NE end of system (1988)
Ring Piece Junction
T-junction along Triassic Park, named after hole in floor (1995)
Roast Beef
Passage from 161e to the junction with Iceland and on to Bounce Rift (1996)
Robinson Crusoe
A 30m passage from a ledge 10m up Francophobia to get stranded on in France, leading to FCII (1991)
Rocky Horror
Hanging death passage beyond Fudge Brownie (1994)
Rocky Horror Pitch
Pitch at end of Rocky Horror, by Black Suspender (1994)
Rocky Horror Rift
High rift, actually lower portion of Rocky Horror itself. Reached just below Rocky Horror Pitch on right, via 20m pitch (1994)
Roll of the Dice
25m pitch below the Dice in France, below Francophobia (1991)
Roomination Rifts
Chossy rifts leading to 15m pitches, off Regurgitation (1999)
Runny Bottom
Strongly draughting series near the end of Lost in Space III in Chile which doesn't seem to lead anywhere (1999)
Saarlacc Pit
Easily overlooked shaft on left just into Puerile Humour Series (1996) (a Star Wars reference)
Salt Lake City
Beautiful white-floored passage between Staud'n'wirt Palace and Scarface/Guillotine junction. Includes Fossilised streamway and Batdroppings (1995)
[Portrait picture/Landscape picture]
Sam's Folly
Very tight 20m pitch, bottom of Natural City, Puerile Humour Series (1996)
Satan's Sitting Room
Very large chamber with Tyroleans at end of Pipeless (1992)
161d entrance. Named after big rockfall which has swept over it in the last few years, making it easy to find (1995)
Scraping Foetus Off The Pitch
An obsolete and deprecated name for the Knossos Pitch (1988?)
c 140m of sandy passage, mostly crawl, beyond Further (1993) to [C1993-161-02] pitch
Route off from the Viewport passage above Bungalow (1995)
Shaft Mine
At end of Puerile Humour Series, ending at Bounce Rift (start of passage to 161e and Iceland) (1996)
Shakedown Street
Tight, awkward pitch immediately following Utterly Butterly in Carpetworld, in Chile Series (1999)
SHAT Pitch
Pitch in Garden Party (Should Have A Traverse-bolt) (1992)
Sheared Off Known Better
Stream level passage, through narrow hole in floor at Carrefour (1990)
Shelf Indulgence
Pointless location above hard 2m climb in Burble (1991)
Shingler's Rift
Entrance passage of 161f (1996)
Shortage of Walls
Wide space to left where Guillotine joins Triassic Park (1995)
Short Circuit
Tiny roof tube near start of Flat Battery (1990)
Passage beyond Exhaustion pitch to head of Somebody Else's Problem (1994). Now includes the vertical series below this to Rasputin (1997/8).
Silent Fellow
Sloping chamber down pitch and round corner from Satan's Sitting Room (1992) [C1992-161-11]
Sizewell A
5m pitch on main route in Powerstation below Dounreay (1990)
used in log book write up of discovery only for one of the crawls below the parallel Sizewell B pitch (there called Dungeness)
Sizewell B
5m pitch off main route in Powerstation parallel to Sizewell A (1990)
used in log book write up of discovery only for one of the crawls below this Sizewell B pitch (there called Dungeness)
Skeleton in the Cupboard
Pitch at end of Infinite Improbability Drive connects to Fat Knot Fruity (1994)
Skull Pitch
Hole off LHS Big Sainsbury's (1988)
Slidy Caver
Dug passage with scree slope in Perseverance (1995)
Snap Off A Lot
A redundant name (due to rediscovery) (1991) for Bullshit Alley
S'not Pitch
55m rift pitch down to dewdrop on normal route down from 161a (1991)
Soil Pitch
[C1991-161-22] Undescended pitch in side passage off Leadmine on Repton/Maze route (1991)
Somebody Else's Problem
Big pitch at start of main vertical series in Siberia (1994)
Some Like It Hot
Final 13m pitch of Power Station, reference to track put out by ex-Duran Duran band calling themselves Powerstation (1990)
Spatial Awareness
35m second pitch of connecting series from State of Independence? in Interview Blues to Bottomless Pit of Eternal Chaos (1996)
Spit at the Bottom
Unfinished pitch series in Shaftmine, Puerile Humour Series (1996)
Final 100m pitch of Flapjack II (1990) - named for mega rock bunged down it upon discovery, which had vanished in the gloop at the bottom
Damp route below Dreaming of Limo (1995)
Squashed Fly Traverse
Traverse to the head of the Knossos Pitch (1988) (after a squashed fly in the survey book !)
The Squeeze
Narrowest bit of original Checkout route down, between Rift Sans Nom and Becka Falls (1988)
Staircase 36
7m up-pitch at the end of YAPATE to reach Chicken Flied Nice (1990) [Picture]
Stairway to Hell
Horrendous climb up through loose boulder choke beyond Rocky Horror, to reach Forbidden Land (1995)
Standard Deviation
Rift pitch on TopLoader route, immediately below Toothless (1994)
Star Wars
Way through boulders from Knossos to Tower Hamlets (1988)
State of Independence?
Whole area below Outright Rejection in Interview Blues (1996)
Staud'nwirt Palace
Big rift-developed chamber at end of Salt Lake City (1995)
Steady Aim
30m second pitch in Lost in Space III in Chile (1999)
Stinky Pool
Landmark in Dreamtime after Hinge Pitch (1990)
A chamber in Oral Series (1995)
Annoying, clambery, muddy, catchy passage off Vestabule, links bottom of Driller Killer (1994)
Strange Acrossfall
Tyrolean over Strange Downfall to top of Strange Upfall (1992)
Strange Downfall
Pitch from end of Chicken Flied Nice into hyper Gamma Spaces on route to Endless (1990)
Strange Upfall
Uppitch to Repton I. Opposite side of HGS to Strange Downfall (1991)
Sultans of Swing
Big pitch off southern end of Algeria (1994) Route to Flat France
Sylvester Cobblepot
Unexplored lead off start of Penguin Falls Bypass in Puerile Humour Series (named 1996)
Main pitch of VD Series off start of Puerile Humour (1996)
Passage and pitch (27m) from Ring Piece Junction in Triassic Park, leading to Hammeroids (1996)
Link Passage from Shortage of Walls to Rich Tea (1996)
Awful rift in chossy rock in Oral Series (1995)
The Ten
First pitch of Drunk and Stupid (1989)
Small chamber at start of Dr. Snuggles (1996) ('Teaspoon Lady' - a character on Swedish Children's Television, like all the other names in this area)
The Theatre
Huge chamber on the Eyehole route in Steinschlagschacht (1997)
The Thirty
Third pitch of Drunk and Stupid (1989)
Three Wise Men
Tensioned bolt traverse out of Satan's Sitting Room (1992). Named for three people not risking their lives but giving plenty of helpful advice, nevertheless
Thumper the Talking Sump
Gloopy sump beyond Hellgrind at bottom of LH Route (1989)
Time Dilation
Section of Ambidextrous from Ragnarök to the pitch (1990)
Tinkle Rift
Rift beyond Three Wise Men (1992). Named for cauliflower formations which break off and tinkle
Tipico Asturias
Pitch series, NW branch of Shaftmine in Puerile Humour (1996)
Tirolia Werke
Right hand branch of Forbidden Land off Elin Algor, where way on becomes unclear (1996). To continue the theme started with EA, TW is named after the cooker !
Titfield Thunderbolt
Short pitch below Orient Express near end of France (found and named 1992, explored 1993)
Toilet Block
Passage opposite the way in to Carrefour, 1989 RHR campsite, 1990 brewsite (1989) [Picture]
Sloping rift below 1st pitch in Oral Series (1995)
Too Much to Do
10m diameter chamber at the bottom of the tenth pitch (Not Yet Baloo) in Interview Blues (1996)
Too Much Too Soon
Stonking 100m pitch forming most of Flapjack II (1990)
Pitch below Deja Vu, before Frog's Legs in France (1992)
Top Loader
Pitch below Standard Deviation to Twin Tubs (1994)
Tortoise Pitch
Pitch parallel to Hare Rift in Garden Party (1992)
The sump at -440m from 136 in Chile - deepest point in Lost in Space III (1999)
Tower Blocks
Large bouldery chamber on main way on of Right Hand Route (1988)
Tower Hamlets
Area off Tower Blocks, comprising a bouldery chamber at foot of slope down from Star Wars, a steep sandy slope up and a number of connecting passages (1988-1989)
Transylvania Avenue
Wide sandy crawl north from Iceland (1996)
Obscure end of Left Hand Route, off Black Lagoon (1991)
Fossil streamway in Pot of Gold (1989)
Triassic Park
Huge Palæotrunk from Flat France towards Knossos and Bugger (1995) pun on Jurassic Park, adjusted for actual age of this rock !
T-junction along Triassic Park, by Minoan Surprise (1995)
Triple A
Second squeeze below Oldham Pitch in Flat Battery (1990)
Tunnocks' Caramel Wafer
Parallel shafts, left from Biscuit Factory (1994)
The Twenty
Second pitch of Drunk and Stupid (1989)
Twin Tubs
Parallel shafts reached by climb from Algeria, one wet (Washer), one dry (Drier) (1993)
Big Sainsbury's offshoot - climb, passage/traverse, pitches round 'back' of Dungeon pitch (1990)
The Undershoot
Short series down an obscure pitch in The Overshoot in Chile (1999)
Utterly Butterly
Short pitch in two sections (p5, p7) below Pebble Dash in Chile (1999)
Passage northeast of Crystal Clear Passage in 161f (1996) named for vadose trench in floor
A new bit, near S'not Pitch (1993)
Venereal Diseases
Pitch Series from Genital Wart in Puerile Humour Series (1996)
big rift (and side passages) off Chunnel near Over the Rainbow (1989-1990)
Huge window reached by climb up from Bungalow (found 1990, name & survey 1995)
Vogon Constructor Ship
Right from Biscuit Factory to Infinite Improbability Drive (1994)
The Volvo
20m seventh pitch of Interview Blues (1996)
Vom Pitch
Pitch 38m in Burble leading to Maze/Leadmine (1991)
The original name for the 161c entrance, found by French group GSCB and explored to -285m, but abandoned by them when it seemed likely to connect into 161
Wet pitch reached by Top Loader (1994) or climb from Algeria (1993). The nearer of the two shafts of Twin Tubs
Waterfall Chamber
Chamber beyond Tower Hamlets before Carrefour on RHR (1988)
Waterfalls Walk
Bottom of Natural Deception pitch on Orient Express route in France (1993)
Weasel Pit
7m angled, crappy pitch down side of block in Even Further (1993)
Wellie Scraper Pitch
Sandy passage with pitch [C1992-161-14], off Tinkle Rift (1992)
Wet Dreams
The original (wetter) route route down in Steinschlagschacht (1983)
Wet Nappy Chamber
Chamber below YATMP in Drunk and Stupid (1989)
Wet Weekend
Passage at far end of Beehive beyond Repton (1991)
Wheelchair Access
Passages from end of Triassic Park part 1 (c 20m beyond the Overflow) leading eventually to the Lost World (1996)
Where the Wind Blows
Furthest reaches of Puerile Humour Series, left off the Batman Series, heading north at a higher level than the existing most remote passages (1996)
Whimper Way
Unstable route from Stairway to Hell up towards Hall of the Mounting Choss (1996)
White Hole
Shaft avoiding Parallel Universe in Drunk and Stupid (1989) [C1989-161-10]
White Rift
Back under 20m pitch towards Rocky Horror Rift (1994) [C1994-161-67 - ends]
16m split pitch below Parallel Processing in Garden Party (1992)
Windy Bottom
Off right at end of Oatso Simple in Chile (1999)
Wish You Were Here (not me) pitch
Pitch beyond Gob on You, Gob series (1990)
Side passage of Olympus where Ambidextrous arrives (1989)
The Wormhole
Obscure bit connecting Ambidextrous to Wobbling (1991) - also described from the Right Hand Route End

There are no places beginning with an "X"!

Really important phreatic level from Knossos leading north (1988/89). [Picture]
Yet Another 20m Pitch in Drunk and Stupid (1989)
Mazey bit in Bladerunner (1992)
Yorkshire Holiday
Final 40cm wide rift in Chaos Series (1996)
Yorkshire Pudding
Squeeze just inside 161e entrance passage (1996) (named when the Dour Yorkshireman had to be excavated from it during the initial exploration)
~10m diameter aven in Dr. Snuggles (1996)
Short dead-end passage right after Between the Thighs in Puerile Humour (1996)
Zombie Slime
Complex area of pretty, but muddy, passages connecting French Revolution to climb into Staud'nwirt Palace (1995)