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Kaninchenhöhle Picture gallery
Wheelchair Access and the Lost World

All these pictures are linked to appropriate pages of the cave description, but are also gathered together here for a visual tour of the Wheelchair Access series leading to the Lost World. Clicking on an image will take you to a bigger version with descriptive caption and links back to web pages relevant to that picture.

Photo - 45k Photo - 25k
Wheelchair Access starts unpromisingly with a pitch and a very obscure little thrutch.

Photo - 33k
Beyond the Ramp is another thrutch down the awkward Kein Zimmer Rift

Photo - 45k
Opening out, a final 5m pitch drops into the Lost World

Photo - 30k Photo - 28k
Upstream passes through Pteramacsuit Chamber to reach the Bourneville Lake

Photo - 20k Photo - 20k
Water from avens has eroded the "Bourneville" mud floor to produce a way through to another section of downstream passage to a final choke.

Photo - 41k Photo - 35k Photo - 60k
Downstream Lost World starts with a fine old phreatic tube...

Photo - 28k ... and ends in a large chamber with much collapse.

The Right Hand Route - from 161a
The "new" (1995-7) cave from 161d
The Steinschlagschacht (1623/136) route (1997)