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Kaninchenhöhle Question Mark list

(Last update after 1999 expedition - but some 1998 info missing)

The QM list was getting stupidly big and has now been split. This file contains the ones which have been pushed to a conclusion and recorded, whilst the outstanding leads now have their own page.

Format is "C" for a CUCC lead, Year of discovery, Cave number, Serial number, Quality Grade, Area indicator, decription of QM. Square brackets or following line gives area that it led on to. In general, a pushed lead will have a link from the description of what it leads to. If the description of the QM is in one file, and what it led to is in another, then there will usually be both links.

Quality Grades: see documentation at QM conventions. Area indicator:

Big Sainsburys
Drunk & stupid
Dreaming of Limo
Far end stuff
Forbidden Land
Garden Party
Interview Blues
Left Hand Route
Puerile Humour Series
Right Hand Route
Semi detached
Triassic Park (TP1=TP part 1 etc.)
94 numbering starts at 39 due to change in QM recording scheme to this method after numbers were written in the book. All references to q39 etc are C1994-161-39
C1997-161-27 A
Sib: pitch at end of Fuzzy Logic [Paradox Rift - continues] [sep.fuzzy.13]
C1996-161-26 A
TP1: Estimated 25m pitch reached through boulders 30m from end of Alternative Universe [ Magic Jumars ]
C1996-161-35 A
PH: Tiny hole in LHS of passage leads to c2 then draughting p4 [ continues but now needs hammer - 97-35 ] [wheretwb.13]
C1996-161-42 A
PH: Pitch 6m opposite bottom end of Pothole Passage in Shaftmine [ too tight/wet/miserable ] [shaftmin.1 - 2]
C1996-161-44 A
PH: p6 off side of Grub Chamber [ too tight ] [lyingdown.6]
C1996-161-49 A
PH: Twin pitches in Vadose beyond 96-51 [ rift to further pitch, too chossy to rig - C1996-161-37 ] [vadose.11]
C1996-161-50 A
PH: Pitch, LH branch at end of Vadose [ 15m then too tight ] [vadose.10]
C1996-161-51 A
PH: Pitch between climbs [ 30m+, chokes ] [vadose.10 - 11]
C1996-161-56 A
PH: Twin pitches viewed from eyehole reached from The Riddler [ same as 96-49 ] [ftoloopy.12]
C1996-161-64 A
WA: first 10-15m pitch, sound of stream [ blind after 7m ]
C1996-161-65 A
WA: second pitch 4-5m beyond 96-64 [ Kein Zimmer Rift ]
C1996-161-67 C
WA: Continuing rift - needs much lumphammer [ No go 1997 ]
C1996-161-75 A
FL: LH pitch in top corner of HotMC [HotMC.20]
C1996-161-81 C
FL: Tight tube at top of mudbank [pushed 4m past 2 tight bends to come out in aven wall)] [ElinA.25]
C1996-161-83 A
FL: A huge pitch, end of Elin Algor [ Steinschlagschacht connection ] [ElinA.13]
C1996-161-89 B
FL: Wet slot at end of big stream - interesting but miserable! [ 100m+ of immature canyon to choke ] [tyrolia.5]
C1995-161-11 B
Stairway to Hell. Huge NNE/SSW rift. Very dangerous entry - heads under Steinschlagschacht (1623/136)
C1995-161-14 A
Hole and pitch in SE wall at SW end French Revolution [Upward trending rift heads approx E for ~10m and ends at 2 avens, one with water]
C1995-161-15 B
Canyon/rift below chamber at Fudge Brownie/French Revolution junction [too tight]
C1995-161-16 A
Right at three way junction in Zombie Slime [loops back into roof hole 10m away]
C1995-161-17 C
Small passage off same junction as 95-16 [10m to soil choke/ too tight]
C1995-161-18 B
Crawl off last chamber before ladder climb in Zombie Slime [too tight, 5 mins per body length]
C1995-161-19 B
Crawl RHS above ladder climb [5m flat out, too tight, no draught]
C1995-161-20 C
Floor holes in Staud'nwirt Palace boulder pile (S end) [triassic.pt1.28] [ fissure continues to same place as 95-21 ]
C1995-161-21 B
Climb to top of slope in Staud'nwirt Palace (heading S) [triassic.pt1.28] [ surveyed to a conclusion ]
c2 Left hand side of Salt Lake City, leads to big stuff [ looks out over Teapot ] [triassic.pt1.30]
C1995-161-24 A
TP1: Turn left out of Guillotine into Shortage of Walls [ S branch is Teapot - leads to Rich Tea ] [triassic.pt1.34]
C1995-161-25 A
TP1: Passage in undercut left hand wall [ Alternative Universe ] [triassic.pt1.35]
C1995-161-28 A
TP1: Wet pitch along - The Overflow [p13,p12, too tight. triassic.pt1.38]
C1995-161-30 A
TP1: Moth chamber [ Wheelchair Access ]
C1995-161-31 A
TP1: Pitch left hand side after canyon [ 3m deep blind pit ]
C1995-161-32 A
TP1: Passage across pitch [ Dr. Snuggles ]
C1995-161-36 A
TP2: Complicated bit left hand side [ Tapeworm ]
C1995-161-40 A
TP2: Right hand side just beyond 95-39, pitch and passage [ Puerile Humour Series ] [triassic.pt2.11]
C1995-161-45 C
TP2: C? Passage off left hand side, [ connects to Children's Railway ] [triassic.pt2.14]
C1995-161-48 C
TP3: Trench in floor in Locophobia [ Eau Naturel ]
C1995-161-52 A
TP3: p10 Minoan Surprise, [ led to Knossos ] [triassic.pt3.9]
C1995-161-53 A
TP3: 1st Big pitch (p20+), Minoan Surprise [ drops into Interview Blues ] [triassic.pt3.8]
C1995-161-54 A
TP3: 2nd (4s) pitch, Minoan Surprise [ Bottomless Pit of Eternal Chaos ] [triassic.pt3.9]
C1995-161-55 A
TP3: Rift pitch extra right at Trifurcation [ Interview Blues ] [triassic.pt3.5]
TP3: Pitch p20+ end of Triassic Park [ Choss Pot ] [triassic.pt3.7]
C1995-161-59 A
TP3: A+ Continuation, 6m climb Bugger to Fine Clean Rock [triassic.pt3.7]
161d: Passage off Mothshag [ all of 69-72 join up, but don't go ]
161d: Climb to right on way to bear skull [ all of 69-72 join up, but don't go ]
161d: Tiny passage behind skull [ all of 69-72 join up, but don't go ]
161d: Hole in floor of Scarface passage [ all of 69-72 join up, but don't go ]
C1994-161-44 B
DOL:pitches [loop of rift]
C1994-161-48 B
DOL: Westerly pitch [ Splattery ]
C1994-161-49 A
DOL: Northerly pitch [ Oral Series ]
C1994-161-53 B
Continuation of climb/pitch that leads to Dreaming of Limo from Doll-killer passage [ Doubting Thomas Series ]
C1994-161-56 B
Hole at right hand turn in Stomping as boulders change to sand (heading away from Driller Killer) [ Limo's Revenge ]
C1994-161-58 A
Far: Right at end of Siberia (3s drop) - Somebody Else's Problem [continues - 1997]
C1994-161-59 B
Left at Not This Junction in Siberia [Fuzzy Logic]
C1994-161-60 B
RHR: Climb in high-level passage above Bungalow/Boulder Alley [ Semi-Detached ]
C1994-161-61 A
France: Bottom of Sultans of Swing [sumped]
C1994-161-62 A
(bolt required?)- left hand climb (going east) just before Rich Tea [full of mud]
C1994-161-64 B
2 sec drop, tight rift in Ginger Crunch [ Piss Pot ]
C1994-161-66 A
Black Suspender pitch at end of Fudge Brownie [ tt rift ]
C1994-161-67 C
White Rift [ all ways too tight ]
C1993-161-04 A
GOB: Traverse over Alexander Technique [ goes: C1995-161-74 ]
C1992-161-02 B
France: Rift at base of Toothless [ Top Loader ]
C1992-161-03 A
France: Bottom of Orient Express [ Titfield Thunderbolt etc. ]
C1992-161-04 B
France: Algeria hole in floor, between foot of pitch & Orient Express (3qms ish)[ Daz Automatic, goes to Twintubs]
C1992-161-05 A
France: East corner of Algeria under/over breakdown [ Sultans of Swing/Mississippi ]
C1992-161-10 B
Far: Pitch in Wet Weekend camp [ blind & too tight ]
C1992-161-15 B
Far: Holes in bottom of Tinkle rift [ Blind ]
C1992-161-16 A
Far: Pitch at end of Tinkle Rift [ P12, blind ]
C1992-161-17 A
Far: Hole halfway along Black Velvet [ Connects to Further ]
C1992-161-18 A
Far: End of Black Velvet [ Axle Stand into Further ]
C1992-161-20 A
Far: Far too Far - climb [ East Anglia ]
C1992-161-22 B
Dtime: Pitch beyond squeeze in Gnome II [ Driller Killer ]
C1991-161-01 A
France: Pitch beyond DejaVu [ Toothless, Algeria etc ]
C1991-161-02 A
Far: Burble: Bottom of Exhaustion Pitch (two) [ Siberia ]
C1991-161-03 A
Far: Beehive climb [ Pipeless ]
C1991-161-04 B
Choke climb in Repton II [ Pipeless connection ]
C1990-161-01 A
Hole in floor at 161c entrance [ Francophobia, France ]
C1990-161-02 A
France: Pitch below the Dice [ Roll of the Dice ]
C1990-161-03 B
Far: Burble Crawl [ Vom pitch leading to Leadmine, Repton, Siberia ]
C1989-161-02 A
LHR: Del's bit beyond Arrow chamber [ Pitch Ramp series ]
C1989-161-04 B
RHR: Right hand climb in Tower Hamlets [ Back into Tower Hamlets ]
C1989-161-05 B
RHR: Left hand climb in Tower Hamlets [ Choked ]
C1989-161-06 A
End of Dreamtime [ Dreaming pitch to Bungalow ]
C1989-161-11 B
Dtime: Rift pitch by start of Gnome/foot of Eyehole [ Pitch/rift/12m pitch/tiny hole no go]
C1989-161-12 C
side passage near end of YAPATE [ Flat Battery series ]
C1988-161-01 A
LHR: Arrow chamber: Candlestick Pitch [ Pointless Pitch ]
C1988-161-02 A
LHR: Bottom of Niflheim below Bird's Eye [ Ragnarok, French Connection ]
C1988-161-03 A
RHR: Big window at foot of Boulder Alley [ Pit & the Pendulum ]
C1988-161-05 A
RHR: End of Olympus [ view into Flapjack ]
C1988-161-06 A
RHR: Slope up left in Olympus [ B-Meal ]
C1988-161-07 A
RHR: Passage at cobbles in Olympus [ Wobbling ]
C1988-161-11 A
Big hole RHS Big Sainsburys [ Drunk & Stupid ]
C1988-161-12 B
Traverse over Adrian pitch [ France, 161b entrance ]
C1988-161-13 A
End of YAPATE [ Staircase 36 to Chicken Flied Nice, Gob on You ]
C1988-161-14 A
Big pitch at Carrefour end of YAPATE [ Flapjack series ]
C1988-161-15 C
Car-sized boulder in Dungeon [ S'not ]
C1988-161-1 B
Hole in floor of tube from Dice chamber to French Connection II rift - found and explored by GSCB