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161 Kaninchenhöhle: France to Triassic Park


An extensive series of horizontal development at a similar altitude to the other major passages in Kaninchenhöhle, but quite a distance away from them. Most of this area is now best reached from the 161d entrance, and the same is true of the description. However, the main route from France to The Guillotine at the start of Triassic Park is described here. As the route in this direction is most likely to be used for a sporting through-trip rather than further exploration, references to side passages are kept to the minimum consistent with adequate description of the main route.

Flat France from France (1994-5)

A short way (8m) down Sultans of Swing, a muddy ledge may be traversed around the continuing pitch to a wide passage. This is the start of Flat France - the generic name for all these linked horizontal passages. 20m along here (SE) is a wide T-junction. Left is Mississippi Mud Pie, whilst right is Mississippi itself.

Mississippi and Fudge Brownie (1994)

This is about 150m of pebble-covered passage, which appears as a main way on meandering SSW, but ends in a pitch blocking progress before intersecting the main Triassic Park to Forbidden Land axis.

The first apparent side-passage, on the left (east) about 15m from Mississippi Mud Pie, is Fudge Brownie, the main way towards Triassic Park and the 161d entrance. A few metres beyond, on the right (west) side, is the entrance to a narrow tortuous passage, Mohr im Hemd, leading to a chamber, Regurgitation.

25m beyond the main way into Fudge Brownie, also on the right, is a second way in, rather more difficult of access. Straight on in Mississippi (treated now as a side passage) leads eventually to a pitch, Black Suspender, which prevents this being a main route on.

The main way branches off on the left (east) side in Mississippi, a few metres before Mohr im Hemd, into Fudge Brownie, a slightly inclined passage, muddy further on, and very slippery everywhere. This can also be accessed (less easily) 25m further on down Mississippi. Fudge Brownie heads SE for 55m where the easiest way on (avoiding a difficult 3m climb) is through a stooping gloopy passage on the right (the bit that gives Fudge Brownie its name).

After 20m, Fudge Brownie emerges at the NE side of a 13m diameter chamber with several exits. The most important exit is the least obvious (of about seven, depending what you count). Immediately right (south) is the way to Rocky Horror, and to the Forbidden Land. Stepping across a canyon leads into the centre of the chamber, with a second way south the other side of a rock pillar to the right. Here is another deep (3m+) canyon, partially obscured by rubble. Following this to the easternmost end leads you to a narrow exit coming out over a pitch after 2m. The traverse left over this leads to French Revolution.

Continuing along the bigger, left hand alternative in Fudge Brownie, in 15m another junction is reached. Left here is 10m to a boulder choke coming out of an aven, thoroughly blocking the passage. The Brownie's Cunt emerges about 12m away on the other side of this choke. On the right at the junction is a short difficult climb up 3m to gain an easy walking passage which parallels the gloopy stooping bit of Fudge Brownie. About 10m beyond the climb, a small hole in the left hand (SE) wall connects to French Revolution, while just ahead emerges into the chamber at the start of the traverse left to the same place.

French Revolution and the way to Triassic Park (1995)

Over the easy traverse left leads to a crouching passage, French Revolution. At floor level is the hole back into Fudge Brownie. A few metres along, French Revolution splits into three. The left passage goes up a small climb (c1) to a squeeze (now enlarged by the removal of some rocks), Brownie's Cunt.

Brownie's Cunt Photo Brownie's Cunt from Zombie Slime.

This debouches immediately in the side of Zombie Slime, a bigger (3m wide) passage. The two right passages from French Revolution join again quickly and connect to Zombie Slime orally only after some flat out wriggling.

Zombie Slime pic - 40k   Zombie Slime

Left in Zombie Slime leads only 6m to the other side of a choke blocking a passage in Fudge Brownie (audible connection). Right leads along stooping and then walking passage to a wide three way junction. The main way (keep left) leads to a chamber, with three more exits. Right is the way on.

French Revolution survey -
18k gif

20m from the last chamber in Zombie Slime, up a 5m climb (ladder useful) is a hole which leads to a huge space, Staud'nwirt Palace. The way through this curves left (round to the north).

Wandering along from the Palace is a beautiful white-floored passage, Salt Lake City, and lots of batshit (!? - a first for KH). This is 7-10m wide and windy!

Salt Lake City portrait - 60k    Salt Lake City Landscape - 35k

Salt Lake City curves right to a junction. Straight on goes NE as the Guillotine to the start of an even bigger passage (hard to see far side) Triassic Park. To the right, a powerful outward draught (in summer) shows the way to the 161d (Scarface) entrance.