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161 Kaninchenhöhle: beyond Repton

Repton II to Pipeless (1992)

8m upslope from the NE corner of Repton II is an obscure 8m climb down through boulders under a drip against the wall. At the bottom of this climb a couple of rocks have been moved to reveal a stooping passage with a howling draught. This zigzags for 25m to a dead end, however 4m back from this a crawl on the left comes out to a T-junction. To the right dead ends, to the left is a window into Pipeless, although access without a handline is not sensible.

survey - 16k gif

Beehive (1991)

Just to the right of the normal entry crawl to Beehive is a very tight passage which can be followed for 5m to a junction where the left branch is too tight. Right here leads back through a tortuous crawl to the window.

Wet Weekend is the obvious passage to the north with a small stream flowing in the bottom. 15m down here is a 3m climb up into a chamber where the water comes out of the roof. A further 5m of passage can be climbed down into beyond this.

Wet Weekend was the site of a deep camp in 1992 (?). A pitch hereabouts [C1992-161-10] proved to be blind and too tight.

Silent Fellow (1992)

Down the pitch in Satan's Sitting Room is a big chamber with a couple of uninviting holes through the boulder floor. The obvious way on leads for 20m to a stoop through into Silent Fellow, an unusual sloping chamber.

Down at the lowest point is a hole through to a very choss-prone pitch (undescended [C1992-161-11], 2 sec drop). Across the chamber is a 3m climb leading into Mostly Mud. Below the climb is a pitch (8m?) to a rift (unsurveyed, no QM number). The main passage is another 100m of large, but rather sordid, keyhole passage. Generally, mud falling into the slot goes "splosh" after a bit. At the end is the foot of a big dripping shaft, with a window visible about 6m up through which rocks can be thrown and don't come back [C1992-161-mm].

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Wellie Scraper

Climbing up 3m from the boulder blockage about 17m along the upper level of Tinkle Rift leads into a sandy passage with a young stream passage in the floor. This follows an inaccessible route in both directions, but at the far end on the left is a 0.5m eyehole onto a ramp down to a big pitch [C1992-161-14] (probably the same one as seen from just before the start of Tinkle Rift [C1992-161-13]).