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Kaninchenhöhle Question Mark list

(Last update after 1998 expedition)

The QM list was getting stupidly big and has now been split. This file contains the ones which have not been pushed to a conclusion (or have not been documented), whilst the finished leads now have their own page. Avens which have been noted but are unlikely to be scaled are also now listed separately.

Format is QM identifier, Quality Grade, Area indicator, decription of QM. The QM numbers themselves are in the format Discoverer identifier, Year of discovery, Cave identifier, serial number. If you look at the html, you will find that the nearest survey station (without its "161." prefix) is included in an html comment for almost all leads. Now that there is an index to the surveys, there may soon be a way to get from the QM to the relevant survey file, but not the pictures :-( (Editor's note, 2004-04-29: The index to the surveys has since been removed, since it was not possible to make only part of the dataset available, and not all of the data therein are ours. —DL)

In general, an unpushed QM will have a link from its QM number in the description to here, and a link from here to the relevant point in the description. If there is no link, it means that I can't yet work out where the QM is in the description, or the description doesn't yet exist :-).

Quality Grades: see documentation at QM conventions.

Note that the quality grades are assigned by the explorers at the time, and that subsequent discoveries may mean that the grade is optimistic, since the lead may now drop into passage which wasn't then explored. Also, different explorers have different ideas - one man's "A-lead" may be another's "C-lead" :-(

Area indicator:

Alternative Universe
Big Sainsbury's
Drunk & Stupid
Dreaming of Limo
Far (north) end stuff
Flat Battery Series
Forbidden Land
Fuzzy Logic
Garden Party
Interview Blues
Left Hand Route
Puerile Humour Series
Right Hand Route
Semi detached
Siberia, Somebody Else's Problem and approaches
Triassic Park (TP1=TP part 1 etc.)
Upstream/Downstream Lost World
Wheelchair Access
place-holder pending allocation of definitive numbers
place-holder pending allocation of definitive numbers
C1998-161-01 A
Fuz: undescended pitch traversed past before slope to Paradox Rift.=20
C1998-161-02 X
Fuz: large dripping aven soaring above Paradox Rift
C1998-161-03 C
Fuz: unpushed low wet way from 1st chamber below pitches
C1998-161-04 V
Fuz: probably easily scalable 15m aven to obvious passage and echo in Psycho Street.
C1998-161-05 C
Fuz: steeply ascending tube over calcited pools in Bearbum Passage.
C1998-161-06 C
Fuz: very tight rift towards booming echo beyond crawls in Bearbum Passage.
C1997-161-01 C
FL: Fast-draughting sand dig [Gravel.19]
C1997-161-02 B
FL: traverse across gravel wall to walk-in passage with stream in it [Gravel.15]
C1997-161-03 C
TP: climb 6m higher in Moomintroll (continuation of 96-13 B) [snug.14]
C1997-161-04 C
WA: third pitch in rift of Dunno - likely to drop into Lost World [dunno.3]
C1997-161-05 C
WA: possible fourth pitch in rift of Dunno - ditto [dunno.3]
C1997-161-06 C
WA: narrow shattered rift opposite base of Kein Zimmer Rift [KeinZimmer.11]
C1997-161-07 V
ULW: large aven with water R at T-jn before Pteramacsuit cha. [lostworld.upstream2.7]
C1997-161-08 C
ULW: wet boulder-filled continuation below aven 97-07 [lostworld.upstream2.6]
C1997-161-09 V
ULW: aven with pool at base on left as you enter Pteramacsuit cha. [lostworld.upstream2.10]
C1997-161-10 V
ULW: dripping aven up broken rock climb R before Bourneville Lake [lostworld.upstream.16]
C1997-161-11 V
ULW: dripping aven above Bourneville Lake [lostworld.upstream.16]
C1997-161-12 V
ULW: aven on left, far end Bourneville Lake [lostworld.upstream.16]
C1997-161-13 V
ULW: aven in rift passage behind that one [lostworld.upstream.17]
C1997-161-14 V
ULW: avens in rift passage on left 50m after Bourneville Lake [lostworld.upstream.20]
C1997-161-15 C
ULW: steep wet unpleasant climb in SW corner, end of ULW [lostworld.upstream.30]
C1997-161-16 V
ULW: dripping aven in alternate route of ULW [lostworld.upstream.2]
C1997-161-17 C
ULW: possible way on above concreted 15m wall, ULW alternate route [lostworld.upstream.6]
C1997-161-18 C
DLW: downstream below 10m pitch in L side passage (probably rejoins under rift chamber) [lostworld.downstream2.7]
C1997-161-19 V
DLW: aven with water, above two pools in SW of rift chamber [lostworld.downstream3.4]
C1997-161-20 C
DLW: tight wet water exit, downstream Lost World [lostworld.downstream3.14]
C1997-161-21 B
Sib: Hole below pendule at foot of Vom pitch is given as "undescended" (Wookey reckons it can be seen to choke) [Burblmaze.1]
C1997-161-22 C
Sib: hole in floor 40m past 'Not this Junction' [sep.teama.9]
C1997-161-23 ?
Sib: passage left in 1st right hand branch in Greengables [sep.greengables.2]
C1997-161-24 ?
Sib: passage right in 1st right hand branch in Greengables [sep.greengables.2]
C1997-161-25 V
Sib: 6m climb 2nd right hand passage in Greengables [sep.greengables.2]
C1997-161-26 A
Sib: continuing main way on in Siberia [sep.part2.20]
C1997-161-28 ?
Sib: crawl left across 18m pitch below Somebody Else's Problem [sep.part2.14]
C1997-161-29 ?
Sib: crawl right across 18m pitch below SEP [sep.part2.14]
C1997-161-30 ?
Sib: passage left in left hand branch past Greengables [sep.teama.13]
C1997-161-31 B
Sib: passage right hand wall 20m before SEP pitch [sep.teama.14]
C1997-161-32 C
Sib: another passage right hand wall 20m before SEP pitch [sep.teama.14]
C1997-161-33 ?
AltUni: v. tight rift pitch at end of Magic Jumars route [welshchoir.1]
C1997-161-34 ?
AltUni: Hole directly above 1st pitch to Magic Jumars - traverse or bolt climb required [altuni.5]
C1997-161-35 B
PH: tight pitch head after short pitch in hole at the end of Where the Wind Blows requires hammering some [wheretwb.14]
C1997-161-36 V
PH: aven above climbs up through hole in floor at end of Where the Wind Blows [wheretwb.14]
C1997-161-37 A
PH: continuation of 96-49 (and 96-56) rift leads to pitch but nothing reasonable to rig off climb up to window overlooks the same pitch [vadose.11]
C1997-161-38 V
ULW: aven on right 20m after Bourneville Lake [lostworld.upstream.??]
C1997-161-39 C
FL: Wet scrotty lead in chamber up 3m climb about half way along Tirolia Werke [ElinA.22-23]
C1997-161-40 A
FL: Tight bendy tube coming out in aven wall [ElinA.25]
C1996-161-01 C
IVB: traverse over Application for Life to upward boulder slope [hard] [interview.pt2.11]
C1996-161-02 A
IVB: ~25m pitch after S-bend in Early Retirement (takes water) [interview.pt6.1]
C1996-161-03 B
IVB: ~5m drop taking water, chamber below Not Yet Baloo [interview.pt7.4]
C1996-161-04 B
IVB: hole in floor of chamber in RH of NW passages from Too Much to Do [interview.pt7.9]
C1996-161-05 B
IVB: rising rift with sound of water across hole of 96-04 [interview.pt7.9]
C1996-161-06 B
IVB: hole ~15m along united NW passage (sounds choked)
C1996-161-07 C
IVB: upstream waterfall ~4m in water way in rift beyond Too Much to Do [interview.pt7.10]
C1996-161-08 B
IVB: downstream waterfall - best chance of more depth ? [interview.pt7.10]
C1996-161-09 B
IVB: crawl south at NW corner of Too Much to Do
C1996-161-10 A
IVB: large rising passage becoming rift from E corner of Too Much to Do [interview.pt7.6]
C1996-161-11 B
IVB: breezy traverse over Meeting Room pitch [interview.pt1.4]
C1996-161-12 C
TP1: small muddy flat-out crawl beyond Alfons Åberg [snug.22]
C1996-161-13 B
TP1: ~6m climb up into black space at end of Moomintroll [snug.14]
C1996-161-14 C
TP1: Possible traverse up left, opposite side from Prof. Yaffle [snug.12]
C1996-161-15 C
TP2: Narrow upward trending rift right instead of left to Tapeworm [tapeworm.7]
C1996-161-16 B
TP1: Climb up to the right of climb down into Teapot [teapot.9]
C1996-161-17 C
TP1: 7m diameter pitch at bottom of boulder slope in Teapot - expected to drop into Rich Tea [teapot.12]
C1996-161-18 C
Iceland: Tight passage in right wall of Roast Beef's hading chamber
C1996-161-19 C
Iceland: 2nd tight passage next to 96-18
C1996-161-20 B
Iceland: Continuing climb (needs protection above +7m) up aven in Crystal Maze [iceland1.14]
C1996-161-21 C
Iceland: Very small passage in Crystal Maze [iceland2.4]
C1996-161-22 B
Iceland: Estimated 20m pitch traversed over just before Iceland [iceland2.6]
C1996-161-23 C
Iceland: Three holes in roof of Iceland (which take the draught) - exposed climb
C1996-161-24 C
Iceland: Continuation of LH branch after Dracula's Grave (via 3m climb 5m back) [iceland3.8]
C1996-161-25 A
Iceland: Short pitch to left after blind pit beyond Dracula's Grave [iceland3.4]
C1996-161-27 A
PH: Left passage at top of Lummat's folly pitch [folly.2]
C1996-161-28 A
PH: R passage at top of Lummat's folly pitch (prob goes back into LF) [folly.1]
C1996-161-29 ?
PH: Pitch at E side Deadbats chamber [deadbats.4]
C1996-161-30 C
PH: Narrow rift at base of shaft between Deadbats and Gotham City Jn [deadbats.12]
C1996-161-31 A
PH: ~7m pitch, RHS, first corner along Catwoman [catwoman.4]
C1996-161-32 B
PH: Initially climbable aven, RHS opposite No Utility Belt Required [catwoman.7]
C1996-161-33 A
PH: p5 far end of chamber through No Utility Belt [catwoman.8]
C1996-161-34 C
PH: Unlikely looking climb through boulders above c3 [catwoman.10]
C1996-161-36 C
PH: Choked aven at end of Where The Wind Blows - draughts out [wheretwb.14]
C1996-161-37 C
PH: Choked bedding at end of Where TWB - draughts out [wheretwb.14]
C1996-161-38 ?
PH: Small passage in survey notes with no end marked [deadbats.19]
C1996-161-39 B
PH: Aven on SE side going from Penguin Falls to GCJ. Looks climbable [deadbats.20]
C1996-161-40 A
PH: Sylvester Cobble Pot - ~2s rattle at start of Penguin Falls [deadbats.21]
C1996-161-41 A
PH: Steeply descending rift at bottom of Spit At The Bottom [spitbot.1]
C1996-161-43 B
PH: Body sized crawl (Sam's body) N corner of Lying Down on the Job [lyingdown.6]
C1996-161-45 A
PH: ~p10 in passage from Completely Loopy to Fiveways [moreloopy.4]
C1996-161-46 A
PH: Pitch ~2s drop below climb in Completely Loopy [loopy.7]
C1996-161-47 B
PH: Low cobbly crawl below climb in Completely Loopy [loopy.6]
C1996-161-48 B
PH: p6 at top end of Pothole Passage and Completely Loopy [loopy.2]
C1996-161-52 A
PH: Passage RHS (heading into Vadose) before pitches [vadose.9]
C1996-161-53 A
PH: Small passage RHS of Crystal Clear (heading into cave from 161f) [ftoloopy.15]
C1996-161-54 A
PH: Pitch in floor of Crystal Clear passage (2s rattle) [ftoloopy.13]
C1996-161-55 A
PH: Passage LHS Crystal Clear, 5m down from 96-58 [ftoloopy.13]
C1996-161-57 A
PH: Crawl over top of shaft below c3 [ftoloopy.11]
C1996-161-58 A
PH: Shaft below huge slab at c3 (~2s drop) [ftoloopy.11]
C1996-161-59 A
PH: Passage off N side of Spiderman [ftoloopy.9]
C1996-161-60 A
PH: 3 passages off S side of Spiderman [ftoloopy.10]
C1996-161-61 B
PH: End of Shinglers rift, before Spiderman Chamber [ftoloopy.7]
C1996-161-62 B
PH: narrow inlet opposite pitch head, Pencil Shaft [shafts2.2]
C1996-161-63 A
PH: small shaft immediately above 2m climb at start of Lummat's Folly [folly.7]
C1996-161-66 B
WA: strongly draughting hole beyond 96-65, needs lumphammer
C1996-161-68 C
WA: hole in wall up above rift
C1996-161-69 A
WA: continuation down squeeze into ?20m pitch with water below
C1996-161-70 C
FL: N along Whimper Way from Stairway to hell climb (checked once, but not conclusive) [HotMC.11]
C1996-161-71 C
FL: HotMC NE tip. draughting choke in ascending rift [HotMC.24]
C1996-161-72 B
FL: Hard to reach passage in wall near squeezy bit in Whimper Way. Needs protection. [HotMC.14]
C1996-161-73 B
FL: steep ascending slope above huge block in HotMC. Needs protection. [HotMC.21-22]
C1996-161-74 C
FL: RH pitch in top corner of HotMC [HotMC.20] was an 'A' lead but appears to go to same place as 1996-161-75
C1996-161-76 B
FL: small rift in SW corner of HotMC (long rattle) [HotMC.17]
C1996-161-77 C
FL: Big passage, same level as Pumphouse but no easy access - prob needs bolting. [HotMC.15-16]
C1996-161-78 A
FL: pitch at end of long small passage [ElinA.25]
C1996-161-79 A
FL: pitch at NE end of Elin Algor [ElinA.25]
C1996-161-80 C
FL: grotty wet rift where water sinks [ElinA.25]
C1996-161-82 C
FL: pitch along Elin Algor [ElinA.3]
C1996-161-84 C
FL: small passage, start of Tirolia Werke [ElinA.14-15]
C1996-161-85 C
FL: ramp climb, RHS Tirolia Werke [ElinA.17-18]
C1996-161-86 C
FL: ramp climb, RHS Tirolia Werke [ElinA.19]
C1996-161-87 C
FL: Steeper ramp climb, RHS Tirolia Werke [ElinA.20]
C1996-161-88 C
FL: Steeper ramp climb, RHS Tirolia Werke [ElinA.21-22]
C1996-161-90 B
FL: rift continues above sump [tyrolia.5]
C1996-161-91 B
FL: 5m pitch behind slipped wall section [tyrolia.2-3]
C1996-161-92 B
FL: 5m pitch beyond 96-91 (takes more draught?) [tyrolia.2-3]
C1996-161-93 C
FL: Seems choked at end of Tirolia Werke. Needs proper look [tyrolia.3]
C1996-161-94 C
FL: Pitch through boulders in floor of Elin Algor just past Tirolia Werke junction [ElinA.10]
C1996-161-95 C
PH: draughting rift below 5m pitch in Tipico Asturias (probably too tight) [asturias.12]
C1996-161-96 C
PH: possible small passage above aven in Tipico Asturias
C1996-161-97 C
PH: Lateral continuation of Gonnorhea rift (almost certainly too tight) [venereal.11]
C1996-161-98 B
AltUni: 3m climb up to right before Bulemic Pit (easy but exposed) [altuni.2]
C1996-161-99 C
FCR: short pitch off right at first complex junction (looks loose and tight) [fcr.7]
C1996-161-100 C
TP1: holes on left after Guillotine, one small pitch + wide high slopey inlet to chamber with 2 ents to 3s pitch 4m across. Poss leads far side too. Maybe also reached from AltUni side passage.
C1995-161-01 B
Semidet: Pitch below traverse line 1.5s
C1995-161-02 A
Semidet: Huge 4s drop at end of rift
C1995-161-03 B
Cowboy Caver (5m pitch at end)
C1995-161-04 C
Cowboy Caver: 8m pitch, prob choked
C1995-161-05 C
Cowboy Caver: Climb up stream rift beyond 95-04
C1995-161-06 C
Passage in roof above lh/rh route junction
C1995-161-07 C
Bottom of Doubting Thomas: 8m waterfall climb (needs bolts) [doubting.37]
C1995-161-08 C
Crawl at bottom of Doubting Thomas [doubting.37]
C1995-161-09 C
Tight streamway (both ways) at NW end of Piss Pot, water can be heard [ppot.8]
C1995-161-10 A
Two 5m pitches in Regurgitation [regurg.6 and regurg.3]
C1995-161-12 B
Passage from Mississippi/Mississippi Mud Pie
C1995-161-13 B
Traverse right hand side above Rich Tea
C1995-161-22 C
5 holes in roof, one very big [triassic.pt1.29-30]
C1995-161-26 A
TP1: Pitch in same spot [links to two adjacent pits, blind ?] [triassic.pt1.35]
C1995-161-27 B
TP1: Passage right hand side [triassic.pt1.36]
C1995-161-29 B
TP1: Small stuff right hand side [nearest triassic.pt1.41, maybe easier to go from .40]
C1995-161-33 B
TP2: Left hand side, 15m beyond bend to NW [triassic.pt2.5/6]
C1995-161-34 A
TP2: Pitch (or dodgy climb?) left at Ring Piece Junction [triassic.pt2.9-10]
C1995-161-35 A
TP2: Rift pitch beyond 95-34 - almost certain to drop into Tapeworm [triassic.pt2.9-10]
C1995-161-37 B
TP2: Pitch on right hand side at Ring Piece [triassic.pt2.9-10]
C1995-161-38 B
TP2: Pitch in floor [triassic.pt2.11]
C1995-161-39 B
TP2: Right hand side by 95-38 [triassic.pt2.11]
C1995-161-41 A
TP2: Rift pitch in floor [triassic.pt2.11]
C1995-161-42 A
TP2: Left hand side [triassic.pt2.12]
C1995-161-43 A
TP2: Pitch right hand side [triassic.pt2.13]
C1995-161-44 ?
TP2: Passage off left hand side, believed to connect to Children's Railway [triassic.pt2.13-14]
C1995-161-46 ?
TP2: Passage off left hand side, believed to connect to Children's Railway at 95-61 [triassic.pt2.15]
C1995-161-47 A
TP2: Passage on left hand side to lake, believed to be Lake Gösser [triassic.pt2.16]
C1995-161-49 A
TP3: Pitch in Locophobia [triassic.pt3.2]
C1995-161-50 A
TP3: Passage behind pitch in Locophobia [triassic.pt3.2]
C1995-161-51 B
TP3: Small passage on left hand side just before Trifurcation
C1995-161-56 C
TP3: Chossy rift pitch, left hand side just beyond Trifurcation (towards Bugger) [triassic.pt3.5]
C1995-161-57 C
TP3: Flat crawl, right hand side at traverse [triassic.pt3.6]
C1995-161-60 B
TP3: Lower passage in Children's Railway [triassic.pt3.10-11]
C1995-161-61 B
TP3: Small passage on left hand side off Children's Railway, believed to return to Triassic Park at 95-46 [triassic.pt3.12]
C1995-161-62 A
TP3: Loch Gösser [triassic.pt3.13]
C1995-161-63 A
TP3: Cross rift at end Children's Railway [triassic.pt3.16]
C1995-161-64 B
TP3: Over rift at south end, probably Ring Piece Junction [triassic.pt3.16]
C1995-161-65 C
161d: Hole in floor of side passage near Critters' End [scarface.3]
C1995-161-66 C
161d: Tiny, blocked passage above Critters' End choke, needs crowbar [scarface.1]
C1995-161-67 C
161d: Much scrotting in choke/passages off Perseverance [scarface.13]
C1995-161-68 C
161d: Right over boulders past Battle of the Bulge [scarface.16]
C1995-161-73 B
France: Rift to 2-3 second drop, off right hand side of Daz Automatic [daz.7]
C1995-161-74 A
GOB: Pitch at end of traverse over Alexander technique. 40m still going. [gob.rest.6]

1994 numbering starts at 39 due to change in QM recording scheme to this method after numbers were written in the book. All references to q39 etc are C1994-161-39

C1994-161-39 C
Left hand side in junction of Night Soil Passage [nightsoil.25]
C1994-161-40 C
Draughting hole in soil bank, end of Night Soil Passage [nightsoil.38]
C1994-161-41 A
Pitch at south end of Dreaming of Limo [nightsoil.19]
C1994-161-42 B
Dreaming of Limo: down climb, S end [nightsoil.19]
C1994-161-43 C
DOL:down climbs [nightsoil.17]
C1994-161-45 B
DOL:arete climb up opposite qC1994-161-44 [nightsoil.17]
C1994-161-46 C
DOL:passage by arete [nightsoil.15]
C1994-161-47 B
DOL:(2) non rift continuation (southerly) [nightsoil.15]
C1994-161-50 B
Rift to pitch in top of Dead Drill Hole [nightsoil.21]
C1994-161-51 B
Northern extent of Dead Drill Hole [nightsoil.21]
C1994-161-52 A
Continuation down of Dead Drill Hole [nightsoil.22]
C1994-161-54 C
Passage off Doll-killer [nightsoil.7]
C1994-161-55 B
Low passage at bottom of Driller Killer [nightsoil.3]
C1994-161-57 A
Continuation of Vestabule south end [vestaconn.c]
C1994-161-63 C
Tight rift to wet pitch right hand side opposite qC1994-161-62 [ginger.9]
C1994-161-65 C
Tight squeeze, left hand side of Hobnob Passage following small rift in floor [ginger.12]
C1994-161-68 A
Rift off Regurgitation [regurg.6 - this is probably Roomination Rift]
C1994-161-69 A
Rift at lh and rh route junction
C1993-161-01 A
Far: Pitch in Even Further beyond Weasel Pit [FurtCham.5]
C1993-161-02 A
Far: Pitch at end of Scrofulosity [Further.25]
C1993-161-03 A
Far: Pitch at end of East Anglia [Anglia.29]
C1993-161-05 C
Far: Narrow rift pitch (c20m ?, draught) before end of Scrofulosity (needs much hammer) [Further.18]
C1992-161-01 B
France: Rift and pitch at top of Toothless [NotAlgeria.1 or .2]
C1992-161-06 B
GP: Complex bit above SHAT pitch [GParty.1st.3]
C1992-161-07 A
GP: Shaft at top of Tortoise rift/shaft nr bottom of Hare [probably need to start at GParty.2nd.5 ?]
C1992-161-08 A
GP: Shaft by Parallel Processing [GParty.2nd.18 ??]
C1992-161-09 A
RHR: Bottom of Bladerunner [Bladerun.1]
C1992-161-11 A
Far: Silent Fellow Pitch [Pipeless.1]
C1992-161-12 A
Far: Satan's Sitting Room pitch [3WiseMen.1 (or 2 or 3?)]
C1992-161-13 A
Far: 3 Wise Men pitch before Tinkle Rift [3WiseMen.6]
C1992-161-14 A
Far: Wellie Scraper pitch [FarToFar.6]
C1992-161-19 A
Far: Far too Far - pitch 40m? very wet [FarToFar.15]
C1992-161-21 B
Far: Far too Far - Traverse and pitch in rift to left [FarToFar.15]
C1991-161-05 C
France: Other holes in wall by Deja vu & Roll of the Dice
C1991-161-06 A
LHR: Pitch in Ambidextrous (Powerstation water ?)
C1991-161-10 C
LHR: Up pitch in passage to left after Time Dilation pitch (probably bottom of pitch which has been erroneously known as Candlestick Maker)
C1991-161-22 C
Far: Soil pitch in Leadmine [Leadmine.27]
C1991-161-32 B
Side passage off Dreamtime - bolted by andy
C1990-161-04 B
Far: Rifts in Hyper-Gamma Spaces
C1990-161-05 C
Far: Endless: Half Shaft (Captive Wedge) inaccessible window [Wedge.8]
C1990-161-06 B
RHR: Sheared Off Known Better [Sheared.1]
C1990-161-07 B
Far: Endless: rift off between Hasta La Vesta and Half Shaft (extremely loose) heading back under Yapate
C1990-161-08 B
Dtime: ? Holes in floor after Hinge Pitch [between Dream.9 and .10]
C1990-161-09 C
B.S: Across pitch in Umleitung [Umleitng.4]
C1990-161-10 C
France: Hole at base of French Connection II [This may be Belgium ?]
C1990-161-11 A
France: Bolted pitch in FCII rift, opposite end to Belgium (temporarily called 90-03 in error) [Adrian.b.8]
C1990-161-12 C
FBS: Skydive into perhaps larger passage in The Labyrinth [FBS.pt3.1 - all Labyrinth needs surveying]
C1989-161-01 C
RHR: Appalling pitch in Knossos
C1989-161-03 B
RHR: Del's climb in Olympus [Olympus.pt2.100]
C1989-161-07 C
DTime: Rift pitch by Indian Scoop [Dream.2]
C1989-161-08 B
Hole in floor of Big Sainsbury's (serious gardening needed)
C1989-161-09 A
D&S: Indian Rope Trick [Drunk.2.4]
C1989-161-10 B
D&S: ? Damp tight rift opposite side from White Hole. [Drunk.4.y]
C1989-161-13 B
D&S: tube halfway down 20m pitch parallel to Parallel Universe [Drunk.4.x]
C1989-161-14 C
LHR: Tight and scrotty 10m pitch beyond wet hole below Niflheim (takes the water) [ragnarok.10]
C1989-161-15 C
RHR: Rift to the right below 1st pitch in Pot of Gold [PotGold.27 ? (no sketching)]
C1989-161-16 C
RHR: Ways off a chamber after 2nd pitch in Pot of Gold [PotGold.25 ?]
C1989-161-17 C
LHR: Stream Inlet in Helipad (loose)
C1989-161-18 C
LHR: Follow Helipad stream through boulders to undescended pitch.
C1988-161-04 B
RHR: Boulder Alley: pitch upslope of Pit and Pendulum (probably not)
C1988-161-08 B
LHR: Hole in floor just past Dewdrop Junction
C1988-161-09 C
LHR: Rift holes near Powerstation
C1988-161-10 B
LHR: Rift holes near Garden Party
B1988-161-2 ?
France: below French-explored lead of [B1988-161-1], hole in floor of tube from Dice chamber to FCII [Adrian.b.4 or 5]
B1988-161-3 ?
France: below French-explored lead of [B1988-161-1], hole in floor of tube from Dice chamber to FCII [Adrian.b.4 or 5]
B1988-161-4 ?
France: below French-explored lead of [B1988-161-1], hole in floor of tube from Dice chamber to FCII [Adrian.b.4 or 5]