2002-ad-03 - Dropping CUCC 2002 AD 03

Sat 01 Aug 2015

Having confirmed with Anthony that CUCC AD 03 had not been dropped, the first post-Expo Dinner task for Elaine & Elliott was to take a look at it. It was Elliott's first ever bolting trip. The first bolt went in like a dream. Howeer, whilst setting the second bolt (in the best rock we could find), a large crack appeared around the Hilti, and then the whole bit of rock sheared off. We therefore decided to name the cave Bergkäsehöhle - Mountain cheese cave.

Subsequent bolts were more successful and we dropped the small pitch to a boulder-floored chamber. The way led on over a suspended boulder floor, past a precarious boulder and on to more boulders. The terminal chamber had a reasonably strong draught, some kind of lacewing-like insect and a lot of suspended boulders, both above and below, but no person-sized way on. Elliott insisted that it was merely eau de death, not the parfum. We went back and surveyed a small downclimb around halfway along our survey. With a suspended boulder ceiling & floor, possibly held up by magic, this was definitely more along the parfum line of things. 2x C leads in this area, but very deathy, and neither of us fancied pursuing them. We derigged out and decided to do a spot more prospecting in the area.

One nice horizontal entrance proved just too short to count as a cave (just S of CUCC 2002 AD 03) (no tag).

A very promsining-looking entrance N of CUCC 2002 AD 03 (named "The Devil's Arse" by Elliott) (to be fair it did look like a giant arse crack) went nowhere (any way on is choked or plugged with snow).

We had a poke about up the hill in which CUCC 2002 AD 03 is situated - yielded 3 tiny entrances that went nowhere.

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