258 - Pushing Clayton's Cock Up to Flash Hard (P70)

Sat 01 Aug 2015
Fleur Loveridge

The day after the day after the dinner. Sarah and I had an early-ish start to make a proper start on the big shaft that I had been after for two years.

We had a relatively smooth journey in with only a slight delay at teh "evil deviation" in the entrance series. From Clayton's Cock Up we descended the first Boom Boom pitch and picked up the rope left last time. Then down the second pitch to the ledge where I started by bolting a traverse passed the drips, further out into the lozenge shaped shaft.

Next I made a y-hang and descended via 2 bolt rebelays to a nice noise on the other wall where I hoped to make a nice y-hang. However, after only 7 1/2 holes both drill batteries had expired and I had only 75% of a y-hang. I went down for a bit anyway, but could not see the bottom.

Sarah and I surveyed what was done and headed out.

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