258 - Bipedal Traverse Series part I

Wed 29 Jul 2015
Pete Talling

It was raining all morning and much festering activity in the bivvy. Eventually the rain caeased and Pete and Fleur nipped to Balconyhohle. We went to the big lead from last year that ?? left at the rope up into Leeds Bypass.

We went to the end of the samely waiting passage - to the very large series of holes down, with draft.

Fleur started off with a natural and bolt, followed by two more bolts round the right wall. Then Pete came accross and put a couple more in before teh drill gave out at 5 1.2 bolts (2 batteries).

The last bolt was a step up onto a nice ledge. pete then crossed a narrow 3ft thick rock bridge above the abyss - belayed by Fleur. He got into a 20ft passage that ended in a nice clean washed aven, that drained through a trench into the abyss. A tight tube of right might go for athin person, but very poor lead.

[Note - this was was written up as being dated 2015-08-01, but was actually on the 29th July and was previously written up by Fleur]

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