Balcony - to Gösser Wager

Tue 28 Jul 2015

Having walked up to top camp late and therefore being ready in the afternoon, we left for a shortish trip to look for bits in Balcony. We descended the entrance series pitches and then followed the main route, roughly in the direction of Icecock aven. Eventually we reached the gear dump to find the other two groups down Balcony Höhle having a natter. Michael bet Martin a Gösser that we couldn't find the rift they had just found. We continued down Turtle Head, up a short handlined climb and down another pitch to the rift the other group suggested we survey. We surveyed along it about 20m and then back to the pitch. At the bottom of the rift is a small but potentially descendable hole with a long rattle. Managed to muddle our way out without any difficulties.

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