107 - Old Route

Sat 01 Aug 2015

I headed to Coldest to grab the drill then down the Old Route to join Olly who was re-rigging down. Got to where we ran out of rope last time. Decided to stay low this time (bottom of the rift), which wasn't as tight as it looked. Olly put in a few bolts to get to what we think is the head of the p14. By this point Olly was very cold and wet, so we decided to survey the extra bit then derig out. Warmed up bag carrying and derigging. Olly managed to slip in the rift and bash his knee just before we got to the base of the p67. Fortunately it wasn't too awful, so we had a look at the upstream bit. It was possible to climb up further, bridging to avoid the chossy rocks. Round the corner was more chossy climbing, so we called it a day and derigged to the top of the p67 and carried lots of gear out.

T/U:10 hrs Jenny

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