Balcony - Balkonhöhle Frozen North

Tue 28 Jul 2015
Pete Talling

Plan of far frozen North area

We followed route of previous day from Frozen North Chamber to the chamber.

Sarah placed first bolts to get into A lead heading south. We found footsteps in it ! And then a survey station ! And the other cavers !!! So this connects back into "Ein und Zwanzig Chamber". Connected at their station number 8.

Then Ben dropped short pitch down to gain chamber 1 via a short tube with right angle - two junction tubes in this area were exlored later in day.

Chamber 1 had a crawl on far side that connects into known passage in ~30m.

Chamber 1 quickly connects to Chamber 2 via short tube. Unfortunately Chamber 2 ends at a solid boulder choke. There is a good (A) lead in right side of Chamber 2 - which is easy 10m pitch down into rift. Looks interesting.

Matt climbed up from Chamber 2 to meet the end of a sandy tube that other had pushed.


(X) 10m pitch down from Chamber 2 - easy Y-hang at top.

(Y) There may be a high level that can be reached by 3 bolt traverse from (Z)

Lower Tubes off Chamber 1

- Back in these tubes Ben et al dropped a pitch - and they found "300-200m" of tube-passage beyond, that ended in a choke (Martin et al surveyed to pitch later in day).

- Pete, Sarah; Matt followed a walking tube from Chamber 2 that linked back to Chamber 1 - near survey station 26. They then followed a VERY drafty tube north for ~40m to a choke that also drafts. En route they heard Michael and Ben in their leads.

My feeling is that leads X + Y are well worth a look - more so than tubes ??

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