Tunnocks - Clayton's Cockup

Tue 28 Jul 2015

Having arrived on expo to calls from Wookey & Anthony to rig to the Clayton's Cockup leads, I duly obliged.

Managed to persuade Roxy + Viz to join me, despite tales of an even extra acrobatic entrance series to Tunnocks.

Made very steady progress downwards. Was pleased to remember the way to the top of String Theory & into the West Side Story. Climbs were more strenuous than I remembered. C10 in a tube. P3 with Knotted rope should probably be a real pitch.

Arrive at Clayton's Cock up & started rigging down "Boom Boom Pitch". All Tom's bolts still functional but I added another deviation. 60m rope saw me to the 2013 limit.

Rigging topo for Boom Boom pitch

Viz was starting to feel the remoteness, so after I placed a bolt + tied the rope, we left.

But, boy did the lead look good.

May need some rigging. In retrospect perhaps go back up and swing out to get further down the rift/pitch.

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