Balcony - Hiltaplenty and Pubic S

Fri 24 Jul 2015

We returned to Balcony to drop a pitch that Martin had his eye on. After the entrance pitches, turn left at the scary hole. I demonstrated how slow I am at rigging and then Martin bolted the pitch down whilst I sat in a bothy bag to keep warm at the top. Eventually Martin ran out of rope (66m) at a ledge and another short pitch. I followed with the other rope and kit and we surveyed the muddy crawl which extended from the ledge. Once we had finished this, Martin started to rig remaining pitch down ready for next time. Once he descended it, I took the remaining gear back up the Hiltaplenty pitch and attempted to head out. I unfortunately missed the turn off to the scary hole the first time and ended up getting muddled in a spiky crawl. Once I realised my mistake I returned to the actual route, which was irritatingly obvious second time round. By the time I was halfway up the big pitch on the way out, Martin caught up with me. The weather turned nasty for the return walk to top camp.

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