Balcony - Ice Cock area

Tue 28 Jul 2015

Previous trips to the Ice Cock area left two A leads, so two teams went down to push the two leads. The first team consisted of Petem, Ben Wright, Sarah & George, while Michael, Matt and Elaine followed a short period of time later. Upon reaching Ice Cock however, the latter team found the former in their lead - it had connected.

We met the other team at the head of a small pitch. George was busying himself looking at small scrotty crawls and soon popped out halfway up the aven two others were trying to climb.

I and George's task was then to survey these scrotty crawls. We surveyed around 30-35m of tube of varying size - mostly sandy-bottomed, some with loose choss bottom. We discovered further survey stations at the end of our bit of passage - think it is EinUndZwanzig. Followed another bit of passage parallel to what we'd just crawled through and found ourselves straddling the top of the passage where Ben and Michael were just coming down. Gave them a good surprise.

All 7 underground reconvened at the tackle store before heading out. We did an inventory of what was there and wondered when Jacob, Eliott and Martin (freshly arrived) would go caving. At that moment, Jacob, Elliott and Martin walked round the corner.

J,E & M went on to do a bit of surveying while the other 7 headed out. Split into two teams to avoid traffic jams on the pitches - Michael & George ran out at great speed, followed by Matt & Sarah, then Elaine, Pete and Ben broought up the rear.

Others on this trip will hopefully describe their bits of pushing/surveying elsewhere.

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