107 - Land of Confusion

Tue 05 Aug 2014

The weather was rubbish - rain, rain, rain. It was understood that the large pitch into China would be too wet to descend, so we went in to try & find a new way in, in the Land of Confusion. We headed over the big pitch & into LoC. Here one drops a short pitch (~6m or so), then climbs up the same height to on-going passage on the other side.

Note: at the bottom of this pitch is another pitch - dry (13-LC-16A). Perfect for someone who wants bolting practice. On the main passage, Joe ran ahead to scope out the leads (pitches) that are understood to also lead to China. Joe found lead 13-LC-2C to be dry, so we attempted to rig here. Unfortunately all the rock was cheese. Eventually, after a lot of trying, we decided that it would be a project that needed more work & wouldn't be worth it. So we headed out, but rigged a traverse on the rift somewhere between 'Coldest Place on Earth' and 'Restless' as follows:

Rigging sketch for rift somewhere between 'Coldest Place on Earth' and 'Restless'

Then headed out.

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